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Browse elegant and high-performing LG cooktops, with features including stainless steel trim, SmoothTouch™ controls, induction bridge elements and premium-grade griddles.

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Elegant and efficient, LG offers three types of kitchen cooktops: gas cooktops with cast iron grates, easy-to-clean radiant heat cooktops, and ultra-powerful induction cooktops. Designed to suit your lifestyle and décor, LG cooktops boast intuitive controls, sleek lines and the latest technology. Learn More

Discover the features and benefits of LG’s kitchen cooktops:

Gas Cooktops: With heavy-duty cast iron grates, professional-grade knobs with precision controls, you can easily control the amount of heat you need for each dish.

Radiant Heat Cooktops: The electric cooktop uses a steady heat that radiates from the burner at a controlled temperature. This type of LG cooktop allows you to cook at a stable temperature and makes controlling the heat for delicate sauces or hard candies a breeze.

Induction Cooktops: This revolutionary kitchen cooktop technology saves energy and provides quick and even heating. Using electromagnets, the burners only heat metal pans, so it’s also a safer option for those who have young cooks in the kitchen.

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