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Advanced Display
The large LCD display provides instructions and diagnostics while keeping you updated on the cycle status and time remaining.
AM/FM Radio Tuner
Tune in to your favorite AM or FM radio stations and enjoy music, talk, news, sports and more.
AM/FM Tuner
Tune in to your favorite AM or FM radio stations and enjoy music, talk, news, sports and more.
Art Cool Model
Discerning customers will appreciate the innovative combination of a highly energy-efficient, ductless air conditioner that doubles as a frame for their own artwork or photography.
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Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator
A two-door configuration, with the refrigeration section placed at eye-level for easy access to the food used the most. The freezer section is available in either of two door types—swing or drawer
Bridge Element
A cooktop accessory that combines three cooktop heating areas into one, allowing for easy use of griddles and oversized pans.
A British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a measurement of energy used to power air conditioners and heaters. The more BTUs, the faster the air conditioner/heater cools or heats a room.
Blu-ray Disc Technology
The reigning high-definition DVD format based on blue laser technology and sophisticated compression for ultimate storage capacity, supported by all major manufacturers and movie studios.
The reigning high-definition DVD format based on blue laser technology and sophisticated compression for ultimate storage capacity, supported by all major manufacturers and movie studios.
The appliance is custom-installed, directly into your kitchen, to fit seamlessly with your space and décor.
Bar Phone
These popular phones get their name from their “candy bar” shape. Their easy-access buttons and prominent screen display add to their popularity.
Bluetooth®-enabled headsets let you talk hands-free in the car or anywhere. Bluetooth® also lets you stream music wirelessly, connect to the Web, transfer files, and more.
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Dehumidifier capacity is measured in pints-per-24 hours and is determined by two factors: the size of the space to be dehumidified and the conditions that exist in the space before dehumidification.
Counter Depth
Also called “cabinet-depth,” counter-depth models are designed to fit flush with standard kitchen cabinets, providing an integrated look without the need for built-in installation.
Convection Heat
Convection ovens create a more uniform temperature with internal fans that circulate hot air. Convection heat cooks food faster, more evenly, at a lower temperature, and with better results than standard ovens.
Compact Theater System
Perfect for an office, or for any smaller room where you want an all-in-one, high-performance music and video entertainment system in a compact package.
Ceiling Cassette Model
When floor space is limited, Ceiling Cassette air conditioners are perfect for large, open spaces and light commercial applications.
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Digital Tuner
Translates and relays signals for your TV’s display from airwaves, satellites, and cables.
Double Oven
Two high-performance ovens, with double the usable capacity of a single oven. Great for cooking large meals or preparing multiple dishes at once.
DVD Recorder
Records videos onto a blank, writeable disc, for backup storage or data sharing.
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Energy Star®
The US Government's international program that sets energy-efficiency standards and encourages use of more energy-saving consumer products. Most LG products meet or surpass the Energy Star standard.
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Four(4)-Door Refrigerator
Building on the convenience and efficiency of a 3-Door Refrigerator, the 4-Door Refrigerator comes in with the freezer drawer divided into two, providing the ultimate in organization and easy access.
Floor Standing Model
These air conditioners are ideal for light commercial applications and work well in large, open spaces.
Flip Phone
One of our most popular designs, these phones are conveniently flipped open to answer a call (or write a text) and flipped closed to hang up.
French Door Refrigerator
Designed with mutually accessible dual doors that open out from the center, perfect for any size kitchen, as it not require a lot of floor space for open-door access. The pullout freezer drawer is mounted below the refrigeration section for easy access to frozen food storage.
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High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a USB-like digital connectivity standard that can transmit high-definition quality digital audio and video signals.
High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a USB-like connection standard that provides an interface between any audio/video source (such as a DVD player, home theater system or TV monitor) over a single cable.
A high-density optical-disc format for storing data and high-definition video.
High-Definition Television (HDTV) is a digital TV with a much higher resolution than traditional analog TV. Virtually all TV stations are now broadcasting digitally, with analog broadcasts expected to end in early 2009.
Home Theater System
Turn your living room into a home theater with one powerful, integrated entertainment system that includes a DVD player, digital receiver, 5.1 speaker combo and an AM/FM radio tuner.
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Induction Heat
A pioneering cooktop technology that saves energy—and heats with unrivaled speed—by generating electromagnetic energy.
Designed to connect easily to your iPod and play your music through high-quality external speakers.
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Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) are illuminated through backlit panels and are ideal for rooms where light levels cannot be controlled.
LG SimpLink™
SimpLink is LG’s connectivity technology, which allows LG products to conveniently communicate with any compatible LG device via an HDMI™ cable.
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Multi-Disc Changer
A DVD or CD player that allows you to insert multiple discs at one time, for enhanced non-stop entertainment.
Multi-Zone Model
These highly energy-efficient, air conditioner/heaters operate two or three interior units that are mounted in separate rooms for precise individual temperature control.
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Phone Camera
Camera phones allow you to record the great visual narrative of life, wherever you are—with either still shots or video.
Phone Music Player
Take your music everywhere you go with a music player, and enjoy digital music—such as MP3s—in full stereo sound. Some models include an FM transmitter or a professionally tuned graphic equalizer.
Plasma TV
Plasma displays generate their own light, which delivers better contrast ratio and better response to high-motion video.
Portable Model
Portable Air Conditioners offer versatility and energy-efficiency for both residential and light commercial applications.
PTAC Model
These wall-fitting air conditioner/heaters stand out because of their ultra-low decibel levels and high energy-efficiency ratings.
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QWERTY keyboard
These handy, miniaturized computer keyboards make emailing, texting or surfing the web faster and more intuitive.
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Radiant Heat
Steady heat is emitted—“radiated”—from the cooktop at a controlled temperature.
Refers to the amount of detail an image holds, expressed in pixels for digital imaging. The higher the resolution, the more intricate the detail.
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Satellite Radio-Ready
Equipped to receive hundreds of channels of XM Satellite Radio (subscription required)..
Screen Size Class [Shared with Monitors]
For HDTVs and computer monitors, screen size is measured diagonally from the inside of the beveled edge. Measurement does not include casing.
Side-by-Side Refrigerator
A two-door configuration with the refrigeration and freezer sections placed side-by-side in a vertical orientation. This refrigerator boasts a large freezer capacity, and it is the perfect type to be installed in a narrow kitchen.
Single Oven
One large-capacity, high-performance oven to meet all of your home cooking needs.
Single-Zone Model
These highly energy-efficient, ductless air conditioner/heaters boast low-profile, stylish designs that fit seamlessly into any room of your home while saving you money.
Slide Phone
Slide phones are comprised of two segments that conveniently slide apart for easy keyboard access, or together for keyboard protection.
SteamWasher/Dryer Combo
LG uses innovative steam technology for enhanced cleaning and drying performance—saving you energy, money and time—in a convenient, space-saving, all-in-one combo unit.
Speaker Phone
Putting a microphone and a loudspeaker into a phone gives you the freedom to converse hands-free—a beautiful thing when you’re driving or multi-tasking.
Stackable washers and dryers can be stacked vertically to save space—even fit into a closet—in your home.
LG’s innovative new SteamDishwashers™ employs performance-enhancing steam to clean your dishes more thoroughly, while being more water- and energy-efficient.
LG uses innovative steam technology for enhanced drying performance, saving you energy, money, and time.
LG SteamWashers use performance-enhancing steam technology to save you energy, money and time.
Smart Phone
“Smart Phone” refers to two things: phones offering advanced features like email, internet and keyboard, or phones that run complete operating system software (or both).
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Thru-the-Wall Model
These versatile, energy-efficient models are designed to fit a dedicated hole in the wall—ideal for both residential and light commercial applications.
Touch Screen
Touch Screen technology allows you to activate numbers and buttons, and scroll through menus, lists, and pictures, with a touch of the fingertip.
Provides clearer, smoother TV images—even during fast action scenes—to create a clearer and crisper picture.
Three(3)-Door Refrigerator
Combines the convenience and efficiency of both side-by-side and bottom freezer models, with two top doors and a large-capacity freezer.
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Wash Program
Multiple Wash Programs allow you to perfectly calibrate your wash cycle according to the size of the load and the type of garments being washed.
Wireless Speakers
Eliminates the need for speaker cables, allowing for more freedom and flexibility of speaker placement.
Window Model
Stylish and energy-efficient, our single unit Window Model air conditioners are designed for placement in the window of a home or apartment to cool all or part of a room.
Web Browsing
Thanks to wireless connections via cellular networks or LAN, you can connect to the internet on your phone—anytime or anywhere.
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