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Activate and control temperature settings with the touch of a finger.


Induction Cooktops

Discover the perfect combination of style and technology. Boasting faster heating times and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning, LG induction cooktops will revolutionize the way you cook. Learn More

Explore the features that make LG induction cooktops popular favourites:

Induction technology delivers superior performance and energy efficiency through faster heating times and boiling speed. The electromagnetic energy generated by induction cooktops reacts only to iron-like metals, so pots and pans can absorb and convert the energy – heating only the bottom of the pan making contact with the induction cooktop surface.

SmoothTouch™ Controls on our induction cooktops allow you to activate and control the temperature with just a touch and easily identify which heating element is on.

A Bridge Element allows you to use the two left heating elements as one, making it easy to heat extra-large pans and griddles evenly.

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