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Image Retention

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Image Retention


At the time of CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors, screen burn-in was notorious on account of the

stillness of data entry screen templates. During the Gulf War, the incessantly long hours stuck

watching CNN channel had the same impact courtesy of their bright red logo in the bottom right

corner of the TV screen.


So many customers complained that eventually all broadcasters opted to severely diminish the

luminosity of their logo displaying it on screen at half-mast.

Self-emitting light panels, although not as intense as the sun, will eventually carve the inside of the

viewing glass panel with the still image it is stuck displaying for a long period of time when absolute

immobility is not interfered with motion.


Then, since the introduction of wide screen panels, the conversion from classic full screen TV to 16:9

digital TV and Hollywood not conforming to TV aspect ratio has viewers never taking full advantage

of entire viewing screen area on account of lateral black bars, boxed in black bars or side black bars

which over time viewing the same format would put panel through uneven wear and become highly

noticeable the moment full screen activated.



To avoid image retention that could lead to screen burn-in


When still images of broadcasting station logos, subtitles, screen menus, video games or computer

screens are being displayed for a long time, the screen may get damaged leaving a permanent or long

time scar burn-in on screen if not tended to immediately.


Manufacturers’ product warranty does not cover any form of screen burn-in.


Avoid viewing non-moving images for a long period of time (no more than two hours).


If full or partial static imaging on screen unavoidable, try reducing the screen brightness as much as

deemed possible. If relying on Video Preset, please refrain from leaving TV on either Vivid or Sports

Mode which are designed at providing increased brightness.


When dealing with black bars on screen, alter format or video input source regularly to prevent uneven

wear. Try not to watch numerous extra widescreen movies (2.50:1 aspect ratio) consecutively.


Similar phenomenon also occurs on other brands’ TVs.


Products with screen burn-in will not be replaced or refunded.





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