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webOS 2.0 TV SmartShare™ – PLEX Media Server App

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webOS 2.0 PLEX Media Server App



Since the upgrade to webOS version 2.0 on LG Smart TVs not all previous applications and platforms have managed to get adapted to the latest version, PLEX being one of the latest to join the bandwagon.



PLEX users can now enjoy such file sharing application on LG webOS Smart Televisions.


Now, not only PLEX Pass subscribers have the option of downloading PLEX app from the LG App Store.

  1. To Install PLEX App on your webOS TV, press HOME button on remote controller.
  2. Click on the LG Content Store tab located on the Launcher bar at the bottom.
  3. In the LG Content Store, click the APPS & GAMES icon at the top.

   4. Click on the PLEX APP icon

   5. Follow the instructions on screen to install.

Apologies in advance for stating the obvious but, just in case…

If you operate a MAC computer no need to read further, you are

covered. If running Windows on a PC you will need to install

PLEX Server as per following suggestions



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