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Skype - App no longer supported on Smart TV

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As advised earlier this year, Skype services on Smart TV will be officially terminated effective December 2016.

It will take the first few months into 2017 to get the icon completely removed from the Premium Content dashboard or webOS launcher bar.

 Partner’s Official Statement

"Technology is constantly evolving. Skype for TV is years old and was developed specifically for a few TV manufacturers. Over the years, we’ve seen constant growth on Skype for mobile and tablet devices and found that the way our users access Skype in the living room has changed.

In fact, having looked at our user base, we can see that 90% of Skype on TV users are also using Skype on another device. So we’ve decided to focus our efforts on delivering the best possible experiences to the platforms our users are asking for. To enable us to do this we moved our video and audio processing to the cloud, which unfortunately makes Skype’s current technology incompatible with smart TVs.

This is why, in February, we announced Skype for TV will no longer receive updates and  the service will run with limited functionality before being removed from devices in February 2017. While we decided to support key functionality on Skype for TV for as long as possible, users might experience problems when signing in with a Microsoft Account, changing their password on the TV and answering incoming group calls."


  1. Skype application on Smart TV will gradually fade out starting June, 2016.
  2. Warning to that effect will appear on LG Smart TV for a month starting around May 20th.
  3. Termination of Skype service on Smart TV expected for November, 2016.
  4. Microsoft opted to focus their Skype efforts on mobile devices thus eliminating any type of support for Smart TV application altogether.
  5. More information can be found at:

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