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YouTube - Major change on Smart TV

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Inevitably, it was bound to happen. HTML5 has taken down Flash out of the limelight. YouTube will no longer be supporting Flash-based content streaming. This means that a good number of older Smart televisions and Smart devices will no longer offer direct access to the User Created Content service provider. Does this represent the end of the world? Not at all!

NetCast type Smart televisions build in 2012 or earlier will soon be deprived of YouTube content streaming from their Premium Content platform or dashboard.

As of June 30th, 2017 Flash-based YouTube streaming service will be permanently suspended from Smart televisions not featuring HTML5 decoding.

Regrettably, for the early adopters a decade ago, it is with sadness that we witness such rapid technological evolution.

 YouTube Statement


As we are bound to witness with many digital devices that have not yet been invented there is a good chance majority of them will be short-lived in favor of their successors which might be so advanced that backward compatibility may never be an option.

I realize aforementioned statement to be pushing the envelope over the edge but collectively we need to accept that changes, and especially quick changes, will be more and more imminent as we and technology evolve.

So, in the case of YouTube, they saw fit the time and opportunity to move forward with HTML5 over Flash. That is the reality and nothing you and I could do will change that.

The options are quite clear:

  1. Hardwire a computer to Flash-based Smart TV
  2. Push streaming content from smartphone to Smart TV
  3. Get yourself a streaming stick or streaming media box and connect it to TV
  4. Latest game consoles can stream YouTube HTML5 content
  5. Upgrade to a brand new Smart TV


YouTube app icon will linger on these older Smart televisions’ dashboard until Premium Content re-packing process has been completed and television’s software updated. In the meanwhile, any attempt to access YouTube service by clicking icon on screen will produce the following message:

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