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Ice build-up at the bottom of the freezer compartment

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Is ice on the bottom of the freezer compartment?





If power outage persisted for a very long time or doors have been left ajar for a great length

of time, ice may have melt to water inside the freezer compartment. Once the power returns

or doorsfinally closed, that water accumulation will quickly transform to ice and build-up rather

quickly before defrost process can alleviate that inconvenience.


Also, if food is being stored in the freezer while still hot or containers with high moisture content

not sealed properly, water through form of liquid or condensation may leak from the food and

turn to frost build-up.





Using a hammer or a knife to remove ice can make a hole in the inner wall. Please avoid sharp

or blunt metallic object to break or scrape away any ice build-up inside freezer compartment.

Instead, place a hot wet towel and pour hot water over it.


           Ice on the freezer floor




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