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Not cooling enough

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Have doors been open for a long period of time?





If freezer or refrigerator compartment door is open for a long time or doors keep getting opened

and shut numerous times during the course of one day, the compressor will keep running until it

returns lost cold air.

By the same token, it will continue to run if and when the door is not fully closed.

When the temperature finally stabilizes, the compressor will then operate normally.


Troubleshooting Tips


Avoid door opened too long. Avoid putting too much food in the refrigerator. Organize food inside

so that it is easily located and accessed. Know what you are looking for prior to opening the door

and reaching in.


Compressor and fan motor will stop running when the inner temperature meets the set temperature.


                   Temperature sensors



Compressor runs until a certain temperature is reached

Also, be wary and cognizant that whenever the weather is incredibly hot and humid, keeping the refrigerator doors open will fill the compartment with much moisture. Moisture inside a refrigerator takes a very long time to be converted over to cool air. Much longer than when the refrigerator is operating in normal dry conditions.

In very hot summer months, especially when the humidity gets unbearable, it is normal for a refrigerator to struggle a producing cool enough air inside the refrigerator and/or freezer compartments. Try opening refrigerator doors less frequent and make it swift at grabbing anything inside.

Should all above troubleshooting tips fail at resolving the issue, then please contact LG Customer Service at 1.888.542.2623 for further assistance such as dispatching a service technician for product under warranty or information on our One Price Program for out-of-warranty repair service.



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