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Only perfect black creates intense colour.

Infinite contrast that takes you on an unprecedented visual experience.






Select LG 4K UHD Smart TVs with webOS are
Netflix Recommended, which is your assurance
for a better Netflix user experience!

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What you see on a TV shouldn't be any different
from what you see in real life. LG PRIME UHD TV's
ColourPrime recreates every colour, giving life to
every image. Turn your viewing experience into
a true-to-life experience.  

Innovation for a Better Life.

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OLED pixels are self-lighting, meaning they can switch on and off individually. This allows for a beautiful contrast range of the brightest white and the darkest black for a picture of unbelievable depth.

Innovation for a Better Life

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As entertaining as they are fashionable, LG TVs are the focal point of any room and can deliver a sleek, clean style to any setting. Available in LED, LCD and Plasma, with a host of features, and a range of sizes to fit your living space, there’s an LG television ready to address your viewing needs. Learn More

LG brings you a range of television options:

LCD TVs: LG’s LCD televisions bring you high definition for your HD content, games and Blu-ray entertainment and deliver a crisp picture with virtually no blur for your sports and action viewing.

LED TVs: Like a piece of art, LG’s slimmest, most energy efficient flat-screen television uses LED backlighting to deliver vivid colours and deep blacks with a high contrast ratio for brighter, smoother and cleaner picture. In fact, we have the only LED TV on the market with THX® Certification for exceptional image quality. Our patented, innovative television technologies ensure that you experience picture detail with incredible colour and contrast.

Cinema 3D Television: Get more entertainment out of your television with 3D. LG's 3D TVs let you get the fullest experience from 3D movies, programming, sports and more. And our 3D televisions deliver amazing color and detail in 2D, as well.

Smart TV: For the easiest access to limitless content, LG Smart TV brings the best of the internet right to your television. Stream video from YouTube and a variety of free and paid subscription services. Browse the web and enjoy exclusive apps designed for Smart TV.

Plasma TVs: Plasma televisions from LG deliver a picture so vibrant and clear, you'll forget you're watching TV. They generate their own light, which delivers better contrast ratio and better response to high-motion – perfect for watching sports and action movies or playing video games.

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