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LG's KOMPRESSOR™ technology compresses dust for an easy dump.



LG vacuums feature ergonomic, thoughtful design to make cleaning easier, based on how and where you vacuum. Wether upright, canister, or robot, your LG vacuum cleaner will always deliver great power for a cleaner home. Learn More

Learn more about LG vacuums:

Canister Vacuums: The ideal solution for hard-to-clean places, canister vacuums are designed to clean mini-blinds, base boards, and ledges, as well as your floors and upholstered furniture, with ease. To help make cleaning your space your canister vacuum cleaner may feature, DualForce™ suction, EasyMoving™ Wheel, HEPA filter, Kompressor® dust compression system, and/or a pet hair turbine tool.

Upright Vacuums: The traditional vacuum fits comfortably in your hand and cleans carpets and hard floors with ease. Features found on our upright vacuum cleaners often include: Telescopic handle, DualForce™ Two-Way Suction, HEPA filter, Kompressor® dust compression system, and pet hair turbine tool.

Specialty Vacuum Cleaners: Discover the LG robot vacuum cleaner, available with the following features: battery charge docking station, dual eye mapping system, low noise level, and scheduled cleaning.

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