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Gamer's Version Of No. 1 Computer Monitor

Gamer’s version of
“No.1 Computer Monitor”*

With advanced features like FOV and FreeSync experience the new level of immersion in graphic-intensive games.

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For Creative Professionals Digital Cinema 4K monitor

For Creative Professionals
Digital Cinema 4K monitor

Convey the creative’s originality,
just the way it was captured.

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LG 21:9 UltraWide 25UM65

LG 21:9 UltraWide 25UM65

With comfort, have everyone enjoy the finest visual quality of a 21:9 ratio wide screen in your room. Watch your movies or surf the web. You will be astonished by the great visual quality of IPS UltraWide Full HD.

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21:9 Ultrawide Monitors


Revolutionize the way you work and play. LG 21:9 ultra wide monitors let you see more on a single screen than ever before – and see it all in crystal-clear full HD 1080p. Learn More
Get more space to work on documents and browse the internet, play engaging games or watch movies together with your best friends and family. The LG ultra wide screen monitor gives you lot more than just that:

Split Screen: Divide the screen into 4 different parts and explore the possibilities of multi tasking to the maximum. 21:9 aspect ratio divided into four parts gives you enough real estate to watch movies while working on a document or surfing the internet all at once.

Dual Link Up: Connect more than one device through dial linkup. Connect your hard drives to the monitor, or quickly review your high definition images on the big screen. Also you can connect your smartphone and view engaging videos.

Thin Bezel: Do not let the extra bezel come in the way of your experience. Bring home the immersive Cinema Screen design from LG and enjoy an uncluttered view.

Latest IPS Technology: View clear images in high details on the 21:9 ultra wide LG monitor. IPS also keeps the form factor thin and space efficient.

30% More Energy Efficient: Save money on your monthly energy bills. ENERGY STAR qualified monitor saves energy no matter whether the TV is on or off.

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