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Frequently Asked Questions

Which AC is the best for your home?
With an air conditioner, you may not find a one-size-fits-all solution. The AC that efficiently cools your bedroom might not be the best choice for your living room. Thus, you must understand your needs and requirements to make the best decision. Also, you should identify which air conditioning solution, split or window AC, is more suitable for cooling your house. While split ACs are more efficient but difficult to install, window ACs are simpler to set up but can only cool one or two rooms.
Which things should be considered when buying an AC?
A few things you should consider before investing in an air conditioner include:
Room size
Cooling capacity
Type of AC
Tonnage of AC
Star Rating

How does an air conditioner operate?
Air conditioners feature three essential components, including an evaporator, condenser, and compressor. They work in tandem with each other to create a cooling effect. Opposite to what many believe, an air conditioner doesn’t produce cool air. Instead, it strips the air of heat to lower its temperature and humidity. This air is then circulated throughout the building to ensure better cooling.
What is the need for air conditioner maintenance?
An air conditioner requires periodic maintenance to function well. Over time, the system can get clogged with dirt, bacteria, and dust and cause various health issues like asthma or allergies. Conducting maintenance can help get rid of allergens so you can live healthily. Another reason air conditioners require periodic servicing is to expand their lifespan. An AC in top-notch condition runs long and experiences fewer breakdowns. Moreover, well-maintained systems ensure efficient cooling and incur fewer running costs.
Inverter vs non-inverter AC: Which is better?
An inverter AC can operate at different speeds to ensure the room is cooled at an optimum temperature. It can adjust the temperature without regularly turning the motor on/off. Here are a few advantages of opting for this system:
● Inverter AC consume less power than the traditional systems
● They are environmental-friendly
● These systems ensure effective cooling
● They produce less noise compared with other types of ACs
● Inverter ACs help maintain a constant temperature
● They are safe for residential wiring
Should I turn off the AC every time I leave the room?
While conserving energy is a good habit, turning the system off every time you leave the room can actually lead to energy wastage. Although it may not harm the system, it can increase expenses. So, the best solution is to crank up the temperature when you leave the room. This will require your air conditioning unit to work less and lead to reduced energy bills.
How to reduce my AC bill?
Here are a few tips you must practise to reduce your energy bills:
● Running the AC at a minimum temperature doesn’t ensure better cooling. So, set the temperature at 24 degrees or higher to save energy and cut the electricity bills.
● When the AC is not in use, turn off the power switch. While most people prefer turning off the system using a remote, it is not ideal as electricity is wasted when the compressor is set to idle load.
● Similar to other electrical appliances, air conditioning systems also need servicing. Thus, you should contact HVAC maintenance to look at your AC at least twice a year.
● To prevent overusing the AC, use the timer. Set it to turn off the cooling after four or five hours so you can sleep comfortably without compromising your energy bills.
How to ensure air conditioner maintenance?
Follow these steps to ensure proper air conditioner maintenance:
● Since the air filters collect a large amount of dust and dirt over time, you should clean them regularly.
● Check for leakage and see if the water is dripping from the system.
● The dirt and dust can accumulate over the condenser and evaporator coils. So, you must clean it.
● The evaporator drain gets clogged due to algae or mould build-up. You should unplug and clean it to ensure proper functioning.
● The condenser fan and blower need to rotate freely. So, lubricate them regularly.
● Since loose connections and wirings can cause equipment failure, you must inspect the wires and controls as part of AC maintenance.

What are the advantages of using a five-star AC?
The air conditioners are given a star rating by the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency), which defines their efficiency. The more the number of stars, the better its energy efficiency. Using 5-star air conditioning systems helps achieve lower electricity bills, increased energy efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.

5-star rated ACs often have advanced features such as better filtration systems and improved airflow. They also have a better life expectancy compared to lower-rated ACs. You should even consider that post-pandemic, many people are working from home. AC usage extends usual hours in this case. Hence using a 5-star rated air conditioner is beneficial for energy efficiency. Additionally, you can recover the cost of a 5-star AC within 1-2 years.
How often should you get your AC repaired?
Ideally, you should ensure air conditioner maintenance at least once a year. This will help optimize its performance.

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