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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on refrigerators


How many types of refrigerators are there?


LG refrigerators are available in four broad categories. These are as follows:

Single Door Refrigerators: The LG Single Door Refrigerators keep up the style quotient while also being super functional. Users can make ice 40% faster and save energy. A fruits and vegetables box cover keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time.

Double Door Refrigerators: LG double-door refrigerator with temperature-detection and energy-saving features is an ideal fit for a family of four. Elegant design and large storage capacity are the key characteristics of these refrigerators.

Side By Side refrigerators: – LG Side by Side refrigerators gives an uplift to your kitchen and complements one’s lifestyle as well. Side by Side Refrigerator offers enough space to store anything for a big family.

French Door Refrigerators- if you are looking for a stylish refrigerator to upgrade your home, LG French door refrigerators are the latest fashion fad in the world of refrigerators, known for their elegant style, simplicity and convenience. Since the freezer is at the bottom in LG French door refrigerator, one can keep bigger utensils on the shelves as compared to a side by side refrigerator. And one don’t have to bend again and again to take out items from fridge.


Which LG refrigerator is ideal for a family of 4?


There are many LG refrigerators that are suitable for a family of 4, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

● Size: Look for a refrigerator with a capacity of around or more than 350 litres, which should provide enough space for a family of 4. It also depends on what kind of food items we generally keep in a refrigerator. And whether one is vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

● Features: Consider what features you want, such Hygiene Fresh+, Door Cooling+, ice & water dispenser. Some LG refrigerator models also have smart features that allow you to control the temperature and monitor your fridge from your phone.

● Energy Efficiency: Look for a refrigerator with a high energy efficiency rating to save money on your electricity bill. Energy efficiency also depends on the litre capacity of refrigerator.

Some LG refrigerators that could be good options for a family of 4 include:

1. LG Side by side refrigerator GL-X257AMCX or GL-Q257BMCX feature LG's InstaView Door-in-Door technology, which allows you to see inside the fridge without opening the door. The models comply with the LG Thinq app and have a water & ice dispenser and adjustable shelves.

2. LG Double-Door Refrigerator -with 398 litres capacity is suitable for a small family with children. The convertible feature allows users to turn the freezer space into a fridge when required. You can connect your refrigerator to the home inverter with an auto smart connect feature.

Ultimately, the best LG refrigerator for your family of 4 will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It's a good idea to read reviews and compare features to find the right model for you.


How long is the warranty on the double door/frost-free refrigerators?


Presently, users can benefit from a one-year standard warranty and ten years (1+9) warranty on compressors from the date of purchase on LG refrigerators. It is applicable to all double-door refrigerators.


What is the convertible feature in LG refrigerators?


Convertible feature in LG refrigerators is the revolutionary technology that helps convert the freezer to a fridge, thus increasing the storage capacity of your refrigerator with just one touch.

Convertible feature has several advantages such as:

● Smart Inverter Compressor that helps with more energy saving.

● Users can expand up to 45% storage space with the convertible function


Which LG refrigerator models are convertible?


There are more than 60 LG convertible refrigerators. Please visit www.lg.com for more details


If I pack my refrigerator full, does it affect the cooling capacity?


The airflow becomes constrained when a refrigerator is fully stocked, which reduces cooling efficiency. But this is not the case with LG Refrigerators. LG Refrigerators offers a very unique feature called as Door Cooling+. Door cooling+ is an additional vent on the doors which gives more even cooling at the items kept at the door and on the shelves. So now one do not have to worry about filling their refrigerator to the full capacity.


If I pack my freezer full, does it affect the cooling capacity?


There is no set upper limit to how much you can fill your freezer. Just be mindful not to obstruct air vents. Try to keep it at least halfway full for maximum effectiveness.


Does the LG refrigerator warranty cover parts?


According to LG refrigerator warranty policy, if you need a repair due to mechanical or electrical failure, parts, and labour costs are covered and there are no deductibles. Physical damages are not covered in warranty. LG Premium Care provides a cost-effective way to get your products back up and running quickly.

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