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With LG Top-Load washing machines, enjoy utmost convenience & fabric care with the AI, and less noise & vibration with inverter direct drive motor. In-Built heater steam to remove allergens, while you enjoy optimal efficiency with smart inverter motor, & let auto tub clean keep your machine fresh after every wash. Jet Spray+ tackles tough stains, while Turbowash & Turbodrum provide superior washing results. Stay worry-free with instant troubleshooting using Smart Diagnosis. Check prices online & buy now.

Frequently asked questions for top load washing machines


Is the LG top-load washing machine suitable for all fabrics?


LG top-load washing machines are suitable for a variety of fabrics. However, it is essential to consider the care instructions for each fabric type.

• Versatility: LG top-load washing machines offer different wash cycles and settings to accommodate various fabric types and levels of dirtiness.

• Care Instructions: Always consult the fabric's care label for specific instructions on washing and drying. It helps ensure you choose the appropriate cycle and settings.

• Fabric-Specific Settings: LG washing machines typically have options for delicate fabrics, cotton, synthetic materials, wool, and more. These settings adjust the wash cycle duration, water temperature, and agitation intensity to provide proper care.

• User Manual Guidelines: Following the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines provided in the user manual ensures the best results. It helps you understand the specific features of your LG washing machine and how to optimize its performance for different fabrics.

• Sorting and Separation: To prevent potential damage or color bleeding, sort your laundry by fabric type and color. This step helps maintain garment quality and ensures optimal cleaning results.

LG top-load washing machines are generally suitable for various fabrics. However, always refer to the fabric care labels and follow the cloth manufacturer's instructions while tackling your wardrobe.


What is smart inverter technology in LG top-load washing machines?


Smart Inverter Technology in LG top-load washing machines provides a range of advanced features for improved performance, energy efficiency, and durability. Here are the key details:

• Energy Efficiency: The Smart Inverter motor adjusts the power consumption based on the load and requirements of each wash cycle. This optimization results in significant energy savings and reduced electricity bills over time.

• Enhanced Performance: The precise control over drum speed and rotation allows the washing machine to adapt to different fabric types and load sizes. This flexibility ensures thorough cleaning and prevents damage to delicate garments. Additionally, the motor's reduced noise and vibration levels provide a quieter and smoother washing experience.

• Durability: LG's Smart Inverter motor is designed with fewer moving parts, minimizing wear and tear. This design choice enhances the overall durability and lifespan of the washing machine. With fewer breakdowns and maintenance issues, you can rely on your LG washer for longer.

• Quick and Gentle Wash: The Smart Inverter Technology enables high-speed rotations for efficient cleaning of heavily soiled items. Conversely, it also offers slow rotations to handle delicate fabrics with care, ensuring they are thoroughly cleaned while minimizing the risk of damage.


Which models have Smart Inverter Motor and are rated 5 stars? 


There are various 5-star rated, smart inverter motors, and top-load washing machines. The finest are listed below: 

T10SJMB1Z is a 5-star rated model with Smart Inverter Technology, TurboDrum™, Jet Spray+, Smart Closing Door, and Smart Diagnosis™. The top-load washing machine is perfect if you are looking for gentle washing with minimal exertion, intervention, or effort. 

T80SJSF1Z is a 5-star rated model with Smart Inverter Technology, TurboDrum™, Jet Spray+, Smart Closing Door, and Smart Diagnosis™. This is a suitable option for a small family of three or four members.

THD18STB, 5-star rated premium top-load washing machine comes with Inverter Direct Drive. The additional features include Jet Spray Technology, Steam, Heater, and Wi-Fi-enabled functionality.


What is Al Direct Drive Technology?


LG's AI Direct Drive Technology is an advanced feature in LG washing machines. Here are key points about it:

• Efficient Performance: LG's AI Direct Drive Technology utilizes artificial intelligence to optimize washing machine performance for enhanced efficiency and energy savings.

• Intelligent Washing: The technology automatically detects the weight and fabric type of the laundry, adjusting the wash cycle accordingly to ensure optimal cleaning while minimizing damage to clothes.

• Reduced Noise and Vibration: With AI Direct Drive, the washing machine's motor is directly connected to the drum, eliminating the need for a belt. It reduces noise and vibration, providing a quieter and more stable operation.

• Enhanced Durability: By eliminating the belt, AI Direct Drive reduces wear and tear, increasing durability and longer-lasting performance.

• Smart Diagnosis: The technology also enables smart diagnosis, allowing the washing machine to self-diagnose any issues and provide troubleshooting advice through the LG ThinQ app or the machine's display.


What is the TurboDrum Feature in LG Washing Machine?


TurboDrum technology in top-load washing machines revolutionizes the laundry experience with its advanced features. Here's a concise definition:

With TurboDrum technology, clothes experience thorough yet gentle treatment, as the dual-direction rotation reduces tangling and minimizes the risk of damage to delicate fabrics. Moreover, the technology enhances the washing process by optimizing water flow and improving stain removal capabilities.

In addition, TurboDrum technology ensures durability and reliability - thanks to its robust construction and efficient design. It offers user-friendly operation with intuitive controls for a seamless washing experience. With TurboDrum technology in top-load washing machines, users can expect exceptional cleaning results, fresh and clean laundry, and a laundry appliance that lasts long and performs reliably.


Can I wash a double bed blanket in a top-load washing machine?


LG washing machines like T80SKSF1Z, T80AJMB1Z, THD10NWM, etc. are suitable for washing blankets and bed sheets. A 7 kg drum can wash a double duvet, towels, and sheets for a small family. An 8 kg drum can wash a queen or a lightweight-size duvet. It is suitable for a medium size family. A 9 kg machine can wash a king-size duvet and is the best option for large families. 

You should also check the label of the duvet/blanket before tossing it in the washing machine. The fabric care label usually mentions if you can wash that particular duvet/blanket in the washing machine.

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