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Side-by-side refrigerator FAQ


How does hygiene fresh+ work in the LG side-by-side refrigerators?


Hygiene Fresh+ feature has a unique 4-step Anti-bacterial deodorization air filter that inactivates bacteria. The intelligent air filter reduces bacteria up to 99.999%, and reduces bad odour in the refrigerator. In addition, you can keep your food items fresher and in a cleaner condition with Hygiene Fresh+.


What is express freeze?


Express Freeze feature is one of the most practical features in the LG side-by-side refrigerators. Users can turn to the "Express Freeze" function when they need more ice more on short notice. Express Freeze enhances the freezing capacity and ice volume produced for approximately 20 hours. You can press the Express Freeze button on the control panel to activate the feature.


Do side-by-side refrigerators make a lot of noise?


There can be many reasons for noise coming from a refrigerator. However, this may not be the case with the LG Side-by-side refrigerators, as they are equipped with LG's Smart Inverter Compressor. It works quietly and has a lasting life. It ensures market-leading efficiency by using fewer components than conventional compressors. Hence, it has lesser friction points leading to minimal noise, making SBS refrigerators a machine that operates with the minimal noise.


Can I store wine in an LG SBS refrigerator?


LG Side-By-Side, InstaView, and French Door Refrigerators have a full wine rack, a must-have feature for wine lovers. You can store and place up to four wine bottles at a suitable temperature of about 4°C. To know more, visit here.


I like to purchase groceries and other daily consumption products in bulk. Which refrigerator is best for me to buy?


If you prefer to buy groceries and daily consumption products in bulk, choosing the right refrigerator is crucial to accommodate your storage needs effectively.

A Side-by-Side (SBS) refrigerator is an ideal option for bulk buyers due to its unique design and various benefits tailored to suit such a lifestyle.

Benefits of SBS Refrigerator:

• SBS refrigerators feature a side-by-side configuration, with the fridge and freezer compartments placed next to each other vertically for easy access.

• These refrigerators offer a larger total capacity than other types, providing ample space to store bulk items and meal preps.

• Deeper Shelves in SBS refrigerators allow storing larger quantities of fruits, vegetables, beverages, and perishable items.

• The adjustable shelves and compartments in the SBS refrigerators enable versatile organisation, accommodating bigger or oddly shaped items.

• The freezer section in SBS refrigerators also offers substantial space for storing frozen foods and ice creams in bulk.

• With efficient organisation features, SBS refrigerators ensure easy retrieval of stored items, making it convenient to manage your bulk purchases effectively.

You can also pick InstaView Refrigerator models like GL-X257ABSX, GL-X257AMCX, and GR-X31FMQHL. The refrigerator is built for optimum modern user convenience with the ‘Knock Twice, View Inside’ functionality.

For individuals or families who enjoy buying groceries and daily consumption products in bulk, a Side-by-Side refrigerator is an excellent investment. Its generous storage capacity, adjustable shelves, and convenient organisation features cater to the needs of bulk buyers, ensuring everything is readily available whenever you need it.


Does the SBS have a water dispenser?


Yes, LG Side-by-side refrigerator model numbers GR-X31FMQHL, GL-X257ABSX, GL-X257AMCX and GL-L257CPZX have a water & ice dispenser. A water and ice dispenser in refrigerators has various benefits:

• Eliminates the need for ice cube trays and ice scoops.

• Saves time and effort in filling ice trays and waiting for them to freeze.

• Provides a continuous supply of cold water and ice, perfect for hot days or entertaining guests.

• Users get convenient access to chilled water and ice without opening the refrigerator door.

• Encourages regular hydration as cold water is readily available.


Which LG refrigerator is perfect for urban home interior settings?


Choosing a refrigerator that complements your home interior settings is a mindful decision. LG always keeps the style quotient in consideration while designing home appliances. In the case of refrigerators, all the models of stunningly stylish Side-by-Side Refrigerators are best suited for urban home interior settings.

They have equally attractive features like Door Cooling+, Hygiene Fresh+, water & ice dispenser, ThinQ connectivity (wifi), and large storage space.


What is the concept of french-door refrigerators?


LG French-Door Refrigerators feature a stylish design with two side-by-side doors for the fridge and two side by side doors at the bottom for freezer. They offer wide shelf space, easy access, customisable storage, freshness features, and various conveniences like water and ice dispensers. The design is energy-efficient and ideal for families due to its spacious interior and modern features. Some of its prime benefits are:

• Energy Efficiency: The design of French-door refrigerators, with separate compartments and better insulation, can lead to improved energy efficiency compared to other traditional refrigerator styles.

• Spacious Freezer: The bottom freezer drawer provides ample space for frozen food storage and easy organisation.

• Ideal for Families: The spacious and versatile interior, combined with innovative features, makes LG French-Door Refrigerators a popular choice for families and those who require extra storage capacity.


Which models are french-door refrigerators?


GR-X31FMQHL, GC-B22FTQVB & GC-B22FTQVB are French-Door Refrigerator models.


What is a UV nano dispenser in InstaView refrigerators?


A UV Nano Dispenser in InstaView Refrigerators is a feature that uses ultraviolet light to automatically sterilise the water dispenser, ensuring the dispensed water is clean and safe to drink. The built-in UV LED cleans the nozzle of the dispenser for 10 minutes every hour, giving clean and fresh water every time. It also removes 99.99% of the bacteria from the dispenser’s nozzle with UV light.

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