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What do professional chefs think about the use of LG microwave ovens to cook food?


While professional chefs might not rely on a LG microwave oven for their core cooking techniques, they recognize their value as a tool in a busy kitchen. Here's why:


• Speed and Convenience: Microwave Ovens excel at reheating leftovers or quickly defrosting frozen items. It allows chefs to streamline meal prep and service, ensuring dishes reach the table faster. LG Microwave Ovens with the 401 auto cook menu further enhance this by offering pre-programmed settings for a variety of dishes, saving chefs valuable time in the kitchen.


• Specialized Applications: Microwave Ovens can be surprisingly versatile. LG's innovative features like, the motorised rotisserie can roast vegetables or small cuts of meat with minimal mess, freeing up oven space for other dishes. The diet fry function allows for healthier versions of fried favourites, perfect for health-conscious diners.


• Preserving Nutrients: Microwave Ovens can help retain certain nutrients in vegetables compared to traditional boiling methods. This is because they cook food quickly, minimising nutrient loss.


• Modern Capabilities: Gone are the days of basic Microwave Ovens. Today's LG models boast features like Sensor Cooking, which automatically adjusts cooking time and power for perfectly cooked rice or popcorn, every time. This level of precision cooking can be a valuable asset in a professional kitchen.


Overall, professional chefs view Microwave Ovens as a tool to enhance workflow and offer healthy, convenient options. With features like the 401 auto cook menu, rotisserie, and diet fry function, LG Microwave Ovens take functionality to the next level, proving their place in even the busiest professional kitchens.


How does LG's Scan to Cook feature work?


LG's Scan to Cook simplifies cooking with Microwave Ovens. Using the LG ThinQ app, scan a food packet’s barcode to receive optimal cooking settings like temperature, time, and power level (for Microwave Ovens). You can then set these settings directly to your LG oven or microwave, using the ThinQ app, for effortless meal preparation. The app works with ITC frozen foods, and users always need to check food packaging for additional cooking instructions.


What are the different types of LG Microwave Ovens?


There are five types of LG Microwave ovens, listed below:

WiFi Enabled Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven: Combining the goodness of charcoal cooking & ease of WiFi cooking, LG WiFi Enabled Charcoal Convection Microwave brings together taste and convenience. From Scan to Cook (powered by the ThinQ App) to a charcoal lighting heater, this microwave is a perfect recipe for a healthy and delicious meal, from breakfast to dinner.


• Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven: LG brings you its new range of lightwave Convection Microwave Ovens, which offers you healthier and more versatile cooking. It maintains the natural flavours and makes the dishes crunchy outside and juicy inside. So save time and cook healthy & delicious with LG Charcoal Convection Microwave Ovens.


Convection Microwave Oven: Welcome innovation with the LG convection microwave. From stewing to roasting, roasting to baking, browning to pasteurising, barbecuing to diet frying, diet frying to heating, steaming to grilling - this one does all. Make ghee in 12 minutes, use diet fry for samosas or pakoras, and prepare 28 different varieties of exotic Indian rotis with this convection microwave.


NeoChef™ Smart Inverter Microwave oven: The NeoChef™ Microwave utilises LG's innovative smart Inverter technology that precisely controls cooking power for even defrosting, reheating, and cooking. With precise temperature control, you can cook a variety of dishes. The minimal look with one body tempered glass and sleep rounded pocket handles, is suited for modern kitchens.


Grill/Solo Microwave Oven: LG Grill Solo Microwave combines basic reheating with a built-in grill for browning & crisping food. Ideal for those who want a microwave for everyday tasks with grilling capabilities.


What are the benefits of the Scan to Cook™ feature?


Available in LG WiFi Enabled Charcoal Convection Microwave, this feature makes it easy to cook delicious recipes. Simply scan the barcode on the food packet, and the oven will automatically adjust the cooking settings. Scan-to-cook feature works for the ITC frozen food range. 


Can I use microwave ovens for cooking or reheating any type of food?


Yes, you can cook and reheat all types of food in the microwave. Whether it is leftovers or you are cooking from scratch, the LG Microwave oven opens a world of possibilities for the chef in you.



What is the Diet Fry™ Feature?


Blending the taste and health, LG Microwave Ovens bring some features that let you have the best of both worlds. You can enjoy crispy delights without being tense about the heavy oil in your food with the Diet Fry feature in the LG WiFi Enabled Charcoal Convection Microwave oven. Diet Fry™ feature lets you prepare pakora, tikki, samosa, vada, cutlets, and more with up to 88% less oil. So now dig into those gujiyas and more without feeling guilty! With this feature, the food is 'high on taste and light on waist.


What is the LG 401 Auto Cook Menu, and how does it help in regular cooking?


The 401 Auto Cook menu function makes it simple to show off your culinary prowess. Simple one touch cooking for complicated dishes that lets you cook a variety of cuisines.


You can prepare tough-to-make meals with a few simple clicks. The LG 401 auto cook menu is designed to meet Indian food requirements, including pasteurising milk, making ghee, bread, and Indian gravies, among many other dishes.


401 Auto Cook Menu features preset cooking time and temperature. You simply need to pick the dish for each day to develop the habit of regular cooking. The elaborate menu gives you choices and independence to try new recipes each day.


It is super convenient to operate. Once you select a recipe from the auto cook menu, specify the weight and press start. Relax and enjoy the dish once ready. 


What Should I Consider When Buying a Microwave Oven?


Microwave Ovens are culinary conductors, orchestrating quick meals and reheated delights. But with a symphony of options available, choosing the right one can feel like deciphering a complex score. Here are 5 key factors to harmonise with your kitchen needs:


• The Power of Performance: Microwave Ovens are measured in watts, reflecting their cooking power. Higher wattage (around 1,000 watts) translates to faster cooking times, ideal for busy households. However, lower-wattage Microwave Ovens (around 700 watts) can be more energy-efficient for simpler tasks like reheating. Consider your cooking habits – are you a reheating maestro or a quick-fix meal composer?


• Size Matters: A Culinary Concerto in Harmony with Space: Microwave Ovens come in various sizes, from countertop maestros to compact wall-mounted options. Measure your countertop space and consider how much counter real estate you're willing to surrender. If you're a master of spatial minimalism, a compact microwave might be the perfect fit. But for those who reheat large family meals, a bigger model is essential to avoid cramped culinary performances. 


• Feature Focus: Beyond Basic Reheating: Today's Microwave Ovens are more than reheating wonders. Do you crave crispy textures achieved with a grill function? Perhaps sensor cooking for perfectly cooked rice or popcorn is your culinary dream. Consider features that complement your cooking style. For bakers or defrosting enthusiasts, convection settings that mimic a traditional oven might be the missing note in your kitchen symphony.



• User-Friendly Functionality: Not everyone is a microwave maestro. Choose a model with an intuitive control panel that doesn't require deciphering cryptic symbols. Look for clear displays, easy-to-use knobs, and readily available pre-programmed settings for common tasks. After all, your microwave shouldn't be a puzzle to operate – it should be an extension of your culinary creativity.



• Aesthetics As Important As the Entree: Microwave Ovens are no longer clunky kitchen eyesores. Modern models boast sleek designs that complement your kitchen's overall aesthetic. Stainless steel finishes offer a timeless look, while black or white Microwave Ovens might seamlessly blend into a minimalist space. Consider the visual harmony you desire in your kitchen alongside the symphony of flavours your microwave will help create.


Can you tell me about the Customer Care Email ID and Phone number for Microwave technical problems?


You can connect with Customer Care at 08069379999. Check this link to access all the resources that can lead you to LG customer care. You can chat, connect on WhatsApp and email to our executives. 


What features should I look for in an LG microwave oven?


LG microwave ovens feature that you should check are:


• 401 Auto Cook Menu: The LG Microwave oven comes with the 401 Auto Cook Menu range, offering 401 recipes which include various Indian cuisines, Continental dishes, desserts, children’s favourite recipes, Exotic Breads, Bakery Items & much more. Just select a new recipe from the Auto Cook Menu daily and press start to relish a refreshing meal.


• Charcoal Cooking: Crispy, charred, delicious recipes without the unhealthy oil filling are something everyone relishes. With LG Charcoal microwave ovens, you can enjoy just that.


• WiFi Enabled Cooking: Smart appliances are the way forward, and smart cooking is the happy way forward. WiFi-enabled cooking empowers you to cook with ease - with scan-to-cook functionality.


• 30 Heart-Healthy™ Recipes: Maintaining both heart health and taste is a speciality of LG Microwave ovens. Choose from 30 recipes that are certified by the Heart Care Foundation.


• Diet Fry™ : Delightful fried snacks cooked in minimum oil are possible with Diet Fry. You can cook pakoras, samosas, and tikkis in up to 88%* less oil.


• Ghee in 12* Minutes: With the latest range of LG Microwave Ovens, you can make hygienic Ghee, with absolutely no smell, in a matter of just 12* minutes.


*time may vary from model to model. Tested under standard conditions.


• Motorised Rotisserie: The latest range of LG Microwave Ovens offers a unique 360° Rotating Rotisserie feature for even cooking. With a motorised rotisserie, you don't have to manually turn over the food. It also retains the nutrition of the food and provides even cooking from all sides like never before.


• Milk Pasteurisation: Get fresh and pure milk in just one touch with the 'Pasteurize Milk' feature of the LG Microwave Ovens. It retains nutrition and removes bacteria, so you get healthy and pure milk.


• Indian Roti Basket: You can prepare 28 exotic Indian breads with a single button press. From aloo parathas to naans and from lachha paratha to appams - make Indian bread at home. 


What is the warranty on LG Microwave Ovens?


• 10 Year Warranty on Charcoal Lighting Heater™ : Enjoy healthier & versatile cooking with LG Charcaol Lighting heater. Stay assured with its 10 year warranty.


• 1+4 year Warranty on Magnetron : Powered by Magnetron and backed by a 1+4 year warranty, LG microwave ovens make a reliable kitchen companion.


• 10 Year Warranty on Smart Inverter: Enjoy the ease of precision cooking for a variety of dishes with LG Smart Inverter technology that comes with 10 year warranty.