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For ages, Malaria has been a deadly disease worldwide . But now, a stand must be taken.Bring home an LG Air conditioner with revolutionary Inverter V and unique Mosquito Away Technology – odour, chemical and refill free. Now ensure best cooling most savings and protection from Mosquitoes. Stop fearing and Start enjoying summer!

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India’s only Air Conditioner with mosquito away technology , that disables mosquitoes ability to sense CO2 exhaled by human and hence, repel them. The technology is approved by renowned certifying bodies. Stop fearing, Start enjoying!

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Vogue Floral

Vogue Floral

New elegant floral design to enhance the interior of your living space. It comes with Himalaya Cool Technology that promises the instant cooling and savings too. So, bring home a AC with premium design, instant cooling and energy saving.

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Himalaya Cool Technology

Himalaya Cool Technology

This unique technology delivers cool air at high
speed in user space to give instant cooling. Feel
as cool as in the Himalayas.

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Monsoon Comfort Technology

Monsoon Comfort Technology

It efficiently controls the room temperature, body
temperature and humidity inside the room to provide
comfortable cooling during monsoons. Also saves
36.4% energy.

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LG Inverter V Air Conditioners with variable tonnage, gives you 1.7 times faster cooling and up to 66% energy saving. Enjoy super quiet operation at 19dB sound level and protection with 99.9% sterilized air

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Residential Air Conditioners

At LG, we have Transform the air conditioners beyond the basics. We make air conditioners that have high level of technological innovation; the focus on today’s Air conditioners has transitioned beyond just heating and cooling capabilities to encompass other features, such as protection and energy efficiency. Learn More

Inverter V Technology: : LG’s revolutionary Inverter V Air Conditioners come with Variable Tonnage Technology which reduces energy consumption by 66% and provides 1.7 times faster cooling. They are also powered with mosquito away technology.

Mosquito Away Technology: India’s only Air Conditioner with unique Mosquito Away Technology that gives protection against mosquito along with faster cooling and savings. This technology certified by TUV nord, is a result of extensive research that identified optimal ultrasonic waves which reduce mosquitoes ability to sense CO2 and repels them away.

Monsoon Comfort Technology: With the press of a dedicated button on the remote, the technology efficiently control the room temperature, body temperature, air movement and humidity inside the room to provide comfortable cooling & greater energy savings even in humid conditions.

Himalaya Cooling: This technology cools your room instantly providing 28% faster cooling & 26% energy saving. With the press of a dedicated button on the remote, you will feel as cool as in the Himalayas.

Dual Protection Filter: The double protection filter has a special fine mesh which removes harmful bacteria that pass through it, stopping growth of germ. It also catches particles up to 3micorn in the air. Breathe fresh and healthy air free of bacteria and other dust particles.

E-Saver: Energy Saver is a mode that saves energy and at the same time, maintains body comfort of the air conditioners by applying Body Adaptation Time Algorithm (BATA).

ON/OFF TIMER: This timer enables the AC to turn ON/OFF at the time you have set, to give you an undisturbed sleep.

Auto Restart: This function restarts the AC automatically with previous settings during sudden power failure.

Auto Clean: This feature cleans the indoor unit of the air conditioner preventing growth of mould and bacteria.

3M Micro Protection Filter: This special filter stops harmful microscopic particles present in the air with the help of its strong electrostatic force, ensuring a clean and healthy air indoor. It catches dust particle up to size of 0.3micron.This not only ensures pure and clean air but also enhances the durability of air conditioner by stopping the settling of dust which may lead to corrosion.

Night Glow Remote Button: The remote glows during the night allowing you to operate easily in the dark.

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