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OLED pixels are self-lighting, meaning they
can switch on and off individually. This allows
for a beautiful contrast range of the brightest
white and the darkest black for a picture of
unbelievable depth.

It’s All Possible.

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What you see on a TV shouldn’t be any different
from what you see in real life. LG SUPER UHD TV’s
ColorPrime recreates every color, giving life to
every image. Turn your viewing experience into
a true-to-life experience.

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LG webOS TV is designed to be obvisously simple, so that it is easier to learn and more fun to use. Now, all you have to do is relax as webOS 2.0 makes the TV experience simpler than before.

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Streaming Entertainment with
Immersive Surround Sound

5.1ch 1200W / 3D Blu-ray™ / DVD Home Cinema System

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For those fly-by visits to the refrigerator, the Door-in-Door™ feature allows you to get in and get out providing easy access to beverages and snacks. Also, the additional shelf space gives you yet another way to keep your refrigerator organized.

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LG Washing Machine

Featuring a built-in heater, the LG Hygienic Washing Machine efficiently removes tough stains, bacteria and detergent residue. Its 60°C Tub Clean+, 40°C Warm Wash and Stainless Steel Tub work together for a cleaner, healthier wash. Better yet, its 6 Motion function gives your clothes custom care.

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Now, the ordinary can become extraordinary as you search, stream and share all your favorite music with LG Sound Bar. Fill your home with constant flowing sound. LG's stylish and powerful soundbar delivers immersive sound acoross wide and spacious rooms.

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