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The Television Category of the Future

Legendary actor, Liam Neeson, introduces us
to the exciting world of LG Signature OLED TV.
Unique self emitting pixels create the best picture
ever and allow an ultra premium design unlike
anything you have seen before.

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LG TurboShot™ harnesses the power of
water to give your clothes a wash that’s
cleaner than clean.

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Introducing the LG Mosquito Away Air Conditioner
which provides powerful cooling yet saves up to 60%
energy. It also helps you fight against mosquitoes
so you can sleep more soundly at night

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What you see on a TV shouldn’t be any different
from what you see in real life. LG SUPER UHD TV’s
ColorPrime recreates every color, giving life to
every image. Turn your viewing experience into
a true-to-life experience.

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LG webOS TV is designed to be obvisously simple, so that it is easier to learn and more fun to use. Now, all you have to do is relax as webOS 2.0 makes the TV experience simpler than before.

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For those fly-by visits to the refrigerator, the Door-in-Door™ feature allows you to get in and get out providing easy access to beverages and snacks. Also, the additional shelf space gives you yet another way to keep your refrigerator organized.

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