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Style, Design and <br>Performance

Style, Design and

Our 253L Top Mount Fridge with Moist
Balance Cripser keeps your vegetables
fresher for longer.

Top Mount Fridges

Tradition meets technology with LG’s line of top mount fridges. With new and innovative styling, including hidden hinges and contoured doors, LG top mount refrigerators fit right in to your kitchen. Learn More
Kitchen Appliances: Discover a host of styles to decorate the heart of your home. Choose from a wide range of kitchen appliances designed to fit your style. From clean, clutter-free appliances ideal for a minimalist’s home to products so beautiful they’re like pieces of art; LG offers an array of appliances designed to fit your lifestyle.

Laundry: No matter your space limitations, LG designs appliances for all types of spaces. From top loader and front loader washing machines to washer & dryer combos, we have a laundry appliance that’s right for you.

Floorcare Appliances: Explore innovative LG vacuum cleaners dedicated to helping you clean your home quickly and easily. LG vacuums are easy and comfortable to use making cleaning up simpler than ever.
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