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G Watch R

The first smart watch that comes
full circle for the perfect harmony of
style and smarts.

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Print Smartly, Enjoy Instantly
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Wirelessly print smartphone photos.
Even without PCs or cables, you can print memorable photos just by pressing the 'Send' button.

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Mobile Phone Accessories

Accessorise your phone with LG mobile phone accessories. Our stylish, functional mobile phone accessories make the perfect companions for your LG mobile. Learn More

Find the perfect companion for your phone with mobile accessories from LG:

Mobile Cradles: Whether you need a suction mount for a windscreen or dashboard, or one that can charge your phone and synch it with your PC or desktop, these phone accessories help keep you conveniently connected no matter where you are.

Phone Cases: From silicon skin cases to premium leather, your phone will stay protected and stylish with these mobile accessories.

SD Card Adapter: Allows you to synchronise your handset with your PC/laptop and insert a micro SD card for convenient data storage and retrieval.

LG Bluetooth Headsets & Hands-free Devices: These mobile phone accessories feature an array of functions, from simple to sophisticated. Learn about features like our unique ‘Click’ button design, which lets you simply “Click” to make or answer a call, slim LED light, built-in DSP for noise reduction, echo cancellation for better sound quality, and many more.

Portable Stereo Speakers: Play all your favourite music in crystal-clear sound; these mobile phone accessories can be used with various LG devices.

LG Solar Car Kits & Emergency Chargers: Forget plug-in chargers – enjoy solar-powered hands-free calling, in the car or on the go, with LG’s solar-powered Bluetooth car kit. These mobile accessories are an environmentally friendly choice, recharging your phone with its built-in solar backing.

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