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The Ultimate Bluetooth Performance

LG Bluetooth Headset with Digital Signal Processing and 2-mic Solution


  • 2-Mic Solution
  • Noise/Echo Cancellation
  • Auto Reconnect


2-Mic Solution

Dual built-in microphones help suppress and filter background noise for clearer sound.

Noise/Echo Cancellation

With DSP noise-reduction and echo-cancellation, you'll hear clearer audio output with less interference.

Auto Reconnect

Automatically connects your Bluetooth headset to your mobile device when in range and headset is powered on.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

Boost your mobile phone accessories with a sleek, stylish Bluetooth headset. Specially designed for pairing with LG mobile phones, the HBM-520 is equipped with a dual microphone and removable ear bud to provide clear sound while maintaining a comfortable fit on the ear. LG Digital Signal Processing Technology and 2-mic solution provide outstanding noise suppression, and echo cancellation, for superior audio output.

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