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Versatility Plus

LG Bluetooth Headset & Car Kit


  • Noise/Echo Cancellation
  • Auto Reconnect
  • 2-Mic Solution
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Noise/Echo Cancellation

With DSP noise-reduction and echo-cancellation, you'll hear clearer audio output with less interference.

2-Mic Solution

Dual built-in microphones help suppress and filter background noise for clearer sound.

Auto Reconnect

Automatically connects your Bluetooth headset to your mobile device when in range and headset is powered on.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

Enjoy the ease and privacy of calls in your car via loudspeaker, or pull out the Bluetooth headset and converse on-the-go. With LG mobile accessories, the choice is yours. The LG HBM-800 combines a Bluetooth? headset with a speakerphone cradle for use in the car.

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