More Profit Gained From More Energy Saved

LG Business LED LCD Monitor, E10 Series


  • Energy Saving
  • Mega Contrast Ratio
  • Ergonomic Design



Energy Saving

The Smart monitor will slim down your electricity bill!

E10 Series proudly presents its LED backlight features of low heat generation, long life span and high energy efficiency, which will save you up to 40% of power consumption.

Mega Contrast Ratio

An eyestrain-free monitor is what you need for long working hours!

Offers excellent picture quality that can be realized by LED technology by showing sharper contrast of brightness and darkness.

Ergonomic Design

Reduced body strain is followed by higher work efficiency!

The monitor can be rotated 90° with the pivot. The function is convenient for checking vertical images and documents such as posters. Height, tilt, and swivel functions are also supported so that the users can adjust the monitor's height and angle to optimize their work environment.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Go green by using eco-friendly monitors!

E10 series is an eco-friendly monitor that understands your concerns for health and environment. Free of hazardous substances such as halogen and mercury, LED backlight minimizes industrial waste.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

Business monitors hold the key to business competitiveness. The high resolution LED brings up work efficiency, whereas the energy saving function brings down the expenses. The ergonomic design and space saving function offers the utmost optimized business environment guaranteeing a heightened business edge for your company. LG E10 series will open a new era of business monitors.

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