Super Energy Saving, Super Profit Gain

24" LED LCD Monitor


  • Mega Contrast Ratio
  • LED Backlight Display
  • Super Energy Saving
  • Ergonomic Design and Invisible Speakers



Mega Contrast Ratio

The LED backlight that reproduces images in brighter, clearer colours plus the excellent expression produced by the Mega Contrast Ratio that adjusts even the micro changes in colour tone, let you enjoy video and image content more clearly and vividly.

LED Backlight Display

Compared to normal LCD, LED offers true-to-life pictures supported by Mega Contrast Ratio, as well as a much slimmer and lighter appearance that makes the monitor easy to handle.

Super Energy Saving

The E11 Series proudly presents its Super LED feature with higher energy efficiency than conventional LED which will save you and extra 25% of power consumption.

Ergonomic Design and Invisible Speakers

The stationary kit added onto the stand and the invisible speakers with eliminated complex lines makes the E11 Series space efficient.

Ergonomic Design

With the E11 your body fatigue will be reduced and work efficiency increase due to an ergonomic design allowing you to freely make adjustments to Tilt, Height, Pivot, and Swivel function.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

Efficiency and the cost are essential factors for selecting a business monitor. The LG E11 Series uses LED backlight which provides clear picture quality, as well as convenient ergonomic design increasing business efficiency. Furthermore LG’s unique SUPER Energy Saving function reduces power consumption by up to 55%. The E11 is a monitor that maximizes its value with minimum expense.

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