Quietly But Thoroughly At Work

Robotic Square Vacuum Cleaner in Mirror Black with Dual Eye 2.0 Sensors


  • Corner Master Cleans Corners Effectively and Efficiently
  • Dual Eye 2.0™ Sensors for Precise Navigation
  • Easy to Empty Dust Contain for Ultimate Convenience



Corner Master

Enabled by its unique shape, which allows extended side brushes to be placed at the front of the appliance, the HOM-BOT Square masters corner cleaning effectively and efficiently. A Corner Detection system enables close proximity to the wall whilst avoiding any collisions, reaching 94% into the corner (versus conventional round robotic cleaners performing at 54%).

Smart Cleaning Dual Eye 2.0

Using a unique Dual Eye system, the HOM-BOT Square performs a smart and precise clean - even in the dark!

With its new generation II-SLAM camera technology (Illumination Invariant based Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping), the HOM-BOT Square automatically calculates the intensity of light and scans the ceiling, taking pictures of the room and minimising wandering. While the Upper Camera takes 30 images per second, scanning ceiling surfaces, it continuously compares these images to generate simultaneous localisation and mapping information. The Lower Camera is an Optical Flow Sensor which reads the floor for measuring distances and recognising and obstacles and slight changes to the flooring.

Easy to Empty Dust Container

HOM-BOT Square's dust bin is ergonomically designed to be removed from the top of the appliance. Easier to use with a pull-up motion, rather than the sliding type dust bin featured on most robot vacuums, it also minimises residual dust around the bin slot as well preventing flying dust when emptying.

Mapping Resume Function

Using the Mapping Resume function, the HOM-BOT Square can return to its last position to continue cleaning even after being manually picked up and moved elsewhere, avoiding any unnecessary repetition.


With HOM-BOT Square, you needn't worry about your precious belongings getting scratched. Multiple sensors recognise obstacles and minimise collision. An ultrasonic sensor scans widely and precisely - even through glass and transparent objects - on a "bump-to-know" basis for unknown items, which are then memorised for future routes.

Thorough Cleaning

Four fully automatic modes and one manual cleaning mode enable the most efficient cleaning according to your needs.

My Space
LG's unique programme that allows the HOM-BOT Square to efficiently clean the inner space you have selected, twice repeatedly, with Zigzag mode. Efficient for any space with multiple obstacles, or useful in recurring concentrated spaces such as kitchen food preparation areas. Simply map out your preferred route by directing the appliance via remote control, which will then be remembered for next time.

Moves in a wide spiral for spot cleaning. Circles out to 1.5 metres. Useful for spills or central areas incurring more cleaning.

Zigzag Mode
Moving back and forth until it meets an object in the way. Efficient for a large area with few obstacles.

Cell by Cell
A more sophisticated navigation by finishing a cell in Zigzag mode before moving on to the next cell. Efficient for complex areas with obstacles.

Enhanced Cleaning with Turbo Mode

Varied flooring within the home benefits from a mix of cleaning methods; varied spaces require different levels of cleaning.
The HOM-BOT Square benefits from a Smart Turbo mode, detecting when it has reached a carpeted area and maximising the performance of the brush and suction motors to enhance cleaning performance.
After cleaning the carpet, this will automatically turn off to continue cleaning harder flooring.

Scheduled Cleaning

With the scheduler, HOM-BOT Square will clean the house at your desired time - whether it be on one occasion or a routine 9am clean every morning.

Large Slide-in Mop

Included with the VR62701LVMB model, the mop benefits from a large surface area, to ensure effective pick-up on non-carpeted surfaces. A Slide-in mechanism ensures easy installation and removal.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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