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Explore LED


Compact, light weight LED projector.
With a glossy black finish, the HX300G is simple and compact, making it ideal for frequent travelers or use in business, school and home settings.
The HX300G provides a brighter picture with 300 ansi which is the world's best among LED projectors.
Unlike conventional lamp-based projectors, the LED lamp of the HX300G is rated to last an incredible 30,000 hours. Used 4 hours per day, the lamp can last for over 20 years

Explore LED


Watch the latest movies, sports, TV shows and even show family photos in startling reality. With vibrant pictures and crisp sound, home cinema projectors bring bigger and better entertainment to your living room. Learn More

Explore the features that make our home cinema projectors must-have devices:

TruMotion Technology: Available on select LG home cinema devices, TruMotion technology provides clear, smooth images by eliminating blurs from even the fastest of action sequences.

3D Auto Picture Calibration: Our 3D home cinema projectors are designed to maximise 3D effects, and minimise eye strain, by auto-adjusting the brightness through the built-in camera.

Full HD 1080p Resolution: Get crystal-clear images and the finest details with an LG home cinema projector featuring 1080p resolution.

Brilliant Colour™ Technology: This innovative feature provides increased brightness for non-primary colours, and boosts overall intensity by amplifying mid-tones.

Hollywood Quality Video (HQV): This LG home cinema feature serves to enhance picture quality with powerful, motion-adaptive de-interlacing, noise reduction, detail enhancement, and 10-bit processing.

HDMI Connectivity: Available on select home cinema projectors, HDMI connections allow your projector to interface with any compatible digital audio/video monitor, such as a set-top box, DVD player, video game system, or an AV receiver.

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