About LG Mobility

The VS company is developing advanced auto parts including cockpit electronics, connectivity solutions, and automotive vision systems for the fast growing car industry.

Our Products & Solutions

  • Real Smart1

    Real Smart

    - Intuitive HMI
    - Natural Interaction
    - Cockpit Domain Controller

  • Always Connected1

    Always Connected

    - Leading 5G Telematics
    - Integrated Smart Antenna
    - High Precision Positioning

  • Intelligent Driving1

    Intelligent Driving

    - In-house Algorithm
    - AI & Deep Learning
    - Integrated with IVI System

At a Glance

Vertical Table
Headquarter LG Science Park, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Employees Approximately 7,500 in 13 Countries
Revenue $5.18 billion (2020)
- Exchange Rate: KRW 1,120.66 per USD
Solutions Cockpit Electronics : Automotive Display / Cockpit Domain Controller
Connectivity : Telematics / Wireless Charger
Automotive Vision system : Front Camera / Cabin Camera
Mobility Labworks Series : Digital Cockpit Alpha & Beta


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Joint Venture and Subsidiaries

LG is committed to diversifying its portfolio to further strengthen its capabilities with acquisitions including automotive lighting and headlight systems provider ZKW Group and software cybersecurity company Cybellum as well as the joint venture, LG Magna e-Powertrain.
  • Electric Vehicle Components

    LG Magna e-Powertrain

    Joint venture established by LG Electronics and Magna International, they provide solutions for various electric vehicle parts such as drive motors, power conversion devices, and integrated systems.

  • Headlamps, Rear lamps and more..

    ZKW Group

    The ZKW Group is the specialist for innovative premium lighting systems and electronics. The group develops and produces products based on their motto of “Bright Minds, Bright Lights.”

  • Product Lifecycle Security


    Cybellum enables automotive OEMs and suppliers to keep their products secure and compliant. Powered by Cyber Digital Twins™ technology, product security team is able to manage cyber risk.

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