Life's Good on the Road

Over the past decade, LG VS Company has been committed to advancing the mobility landscape. And our future is teeming with untold stories, narratives which will weave dreams into reality, as we journey forward on roads yet untraveled.

About LG VS Company

Your car life partner, LG

LG Electronics VS Company is revolutionizing the concept of cars. It's no longer just about transportation; it's about transforming the car into a personal space where we can work, relax, and stay connected.

LG Electronics VS Company 10th anniversary

We’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of LG Electronics VS Company and the remarkable growth we’ve achieved. Together, we can drive better future mobility for the next 10 years, just as the past 10 years.

Driving better future mobility

LG Electronics embrace new experiences and champion innovative ideas to revolutionize mobility beyond your expectations.

The warmth to power a smile

Just like LG has made your life better with our consumer electronics, we aim to spread a smile with our automotive products and solutions.

LG Mobility Labworks

LG VS Digital Cockpit: Next-level experiences

With our groundbreaking digital cockpit, LG is shaping the future of driving, Watch the video to be part of the mobility revolution.

LG Mobility Labworks: In-cabin Vision Ep1. Functions

With our in-cabin sensing solutions, experience comfort as they actively monitor and understand your behaviors, guaranteeing a seamless and safe driving experience. This isn't just for drivers—it's for everyone, offering more convenient and personalized features.

Advanced display solutions: Min & Max Display

Experience transformable mobility solutions with LG Electronics VS Company's Min & Max Display.

Advanced display solutions: Pop & Fold Display

Unfold the future with LG Electronics VS Company’s foldable 18” P-OLED displays, which creates a spacious environment for you to enjoy.

Advanced display solutions: Flex & Slide Display

Immerse yourself in the future of innovation with the LG Electronics VS Company's Flex & Slide display, a breakthrough in transformable displays.


LG's SDV vision, powered by LG αWare

LG Electronics VS Company leads the automotive industry's shift to Software-Defined Vehicles with LG αWare, our very own suite of SDV software solutions. Designed with your safety and comfort in mind, LG αWare will provide the most upgradable, personalized in-cabin experiences in the industry.

Smart solutions: 5G Telematics

Connectivity is a key element in the future mobility industry. As a market leader, we remain committed to providing seamless connectivity with the world's best technology.

Smart solutions: AR HUD - Safe navigation

The 2-Layer AR HUD display ensures the drivers' eyes are kept on the road at all times, providing significant safety and convenience.

The ultimate in-vehicle display of LG VS Company

As an innovative partner for future mobility, LG VS Company is transforming our mobility displays with cutting-edge technologies to reinvent your in-vehicle experiences.

A complete portfolio of cabin camera solution

LG’s innovative technology of automotive vision system enables the vehicle to intelligently keep its eye on the passengers as well as the interior.

Fairs & Events

CES 2024 LG World Premiere: Living Space on Wheels

Elevate your driving experience with LG's SDV solutions! Watch President of VS Company Seokhyun Eun's insightful speech on 'LG αware', our transformative SDV solution concept, at CES 2024.

IAA Mobility 2023 LG Press Conference

LG Electronics VS Company is at IAA MOBILITY 2023, hosting our “Life’s Good on the Road” press conference. Join us to witness our vision showcasing innovative solutions for Software Defined Vehicles.

IAA Mobility 2023: Lifestyle and mobility united as one

LG VS Company will take you on a journey to unite lifestyle with mobility. Whether redefining living spaces on wheels or providing experiences far beyond the drive, we make it all possible.

LG Electronics VS Company driving vision for the future 2030

LG Electronics announced its future vision for 2030. CEO William Cho presented LG’s grand vision to go beyond consumer electronics and into the realm of smart life solutions.

A decade of inspiration, spirit of vision 2030

LG Electronics VS Company celebrated its remarkable 10th anniversary event featuring a diverse range of exciting activities filled with music, photos, as well as inspiring speeches from LG Electronics CEO William Cho and VS Company President Seokhyun Eun.

CES 2023 press conference: Life’s Good with Cars

As a customer-centric company, we will always focus on understanding your lifestyle and suggesting behavior changes to make a difference in your life.

Step into the future of mobility

We hope that our continued devotion to the innovation of vehicle component technology makes our vision for more a comfortable and pleasant automotive experience reality.

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