ADAS Vision System

In-cabin Solutions

Understanding people is what we do best. Our solutions analyze driver and passenger behavior through an advanced monitoring system with AI algorithm, software framework, electronic control unit, and camera technologies.

With our in-cabin solutions, you’re in good hands1

With our in-cabin solutions, you’re in good hands

Through seamless Human Machine Interface (HMI), our driver and interior monitoring system understands the in-cabin conditions in real-time, to create a more secure and comfortable in-cabin experience.
*DMS (Driver Monitoring System)
*IMS (Interior Monitoring System)
*ToF (Time-of-Flight)
*VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers)
*RGB & IR (RGB-Infrared)

Driver monitoring system

By monitoring the driver, we prevent distractions and hazards that may occur while driving with our full range of safety and convenience applications.

• Face identification
• Distraction detection
• Drowsiness alert
• Behavior tracking
• Vital sign sensing
• Emotion recognition
• Impaired driving alert
• Hand gesture recognition

Interior monitoring system

Our solutions analyze status of all passengers, detecting seat belt usage, hand gesture, behavior patterns, child presence, and special objects, to deliver next generation user experience.

• Child presence detection
• Seat belt monitoring
• Behavior tracking
• Hands on steering-wheel detection
• Object recognition
• Hand gesture recognition

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