Automotive Display

LG Mobility has scalable and reliable portfolios with a wide range of automotive display solutions.

Innovative Display

Innovative Display2

World's 1st Cutting-edge tech with POLED technology leadership

38-inch The 1st 38-inch display is huge and comprises 3 separate curved display panels with IPC and two ICSs

New Features Provides advanced features as Augmented Reality enabled navigation and night vision

Premium Display

Premium Display2

Voice feature Use your voice to conveniently control the air conditioner and windows and open the trunk.

3D Guide Intuitive augmented reality navigation with 3D road guidance information for optimal safety

Convenience Carpay lets you make payments in the vehicle, and valet mode protects your personal information

2 RSE screens 2 RSE screens play different multimedia independently

High-end Display

High-end Display2

Seamless Seamless design for instrument cluster and head unit screens

IPS Panel High glossy and low reflection with IPS panel technology offers a wide-view angle, high color expression, and contrast

Bonding Merged hardware circuit for the dual display and internal optical bonding for the large screen

Free-form Display

Free-form Display2

Curved Display 16.8-inch curved display with high resolution and free-form technology

Optimization Various optimization modes for power meter, map, extended map, and night vision

LVDS Video is shared with head unit through low-voltage differential signaling

AR Display

AR Display2

Optical Optical path overlay using single PGU and polarization component

Modularity Volume reduction and modular design for common use by different vehicle models

World 1st* World's 1st* dual-layer AR HUD driving information with LG’s own AR engine

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