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LG and Netflix Bring Great Entertainment Experience to webOS for Automotive


A Pioneer in In-Vehicle Infotainment, LG Enhances the Mobility Experience with the Introduction of Netflix Shows and Films for Automobiles

LG and Netflix Bring Great Entertainment Experience to webOS for Automotive

SEOUL, Dec. 4, 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) is further solidifying its partnership with Netflix, one of the world’s leading entertainment services, by integrating the Netflix entertainment experience into the webOS for Automotive, LG’s automotive content platform. The move is emblematic of LG’s continuing growth as a media and entertainment platform company, and presents a content experience that extends seamlessly from home to vehicle.
LG and Netflix first joined forces in 2011, when the Netflix app landed on LG smart TVs, and have maintained a strong relationship ever since. At CES 2015, during LG's press conference featuring Netflix’s co-CEO, Greg Peters, the two companies unveiled plans to work collaboratively in the future. The subsequent year, LG announced a partnership to expand the availability of Netflix on LG TV to markets worldwide. Leveraging its cutting-edge display technologies, with screens boasting 4K resolution and excellent HDR performance, LG is able to provide its in-cabin users with the ultimate Netflix viewing experience.

LG and Netflix Bring Great Entertainment Experience to webOS for Automotive
With the Netflix app, webOS for Automotive will bring vehicle passengers the outstanding performance and picture quality Netflix has long delivered on smart TVs. LG’s webOS for Automotive is an advanced, integrated platform designed to enhance the on-road experience and transform the vehicle into an extension of one’s living space.
LG’s strategy for webOS for Automotive centers on the continuous enrichment and growth of its in-vehicle entertainment lineup. LG aims to keep users engaged by providing a variety of entertainment service apps, with extensive content options covering sports, kids’ content, music, education, news, and games – options that have already proven popular on LG’s smart TVs with webOS.
“The collaboration with Netflix will generate important momentum for the ongoing expansion of LG’s content platform,” said Chris Jo, senior vice-president of the platform business at LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “We are enhancing our primarily TV-focused business by entering into various segments of the platform market – including in-vehicle platforms – and will continue to drive innovation and growth.”
“Our partnership with Netflix marks an important step in the realization of our future mobility vision,” said Eun Seokhyun, president of LG Vehicle component Solutions Company. “LG is committed to introducing a range of innovative software solutions aimed at elevating the in-vehicle entertainment experience.”
The rollout of the Netflix app on LG webOS for Automotive recently began in South Korea, where it is now available in newly-updated Genesis models.