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LG Smart Blu-ray - Network Settings - Wireless

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  • Last Updated 12/06/2014
LG Smart Blu-ray - Network Settings - Wireless LG Smart Blu-ray - Network Settings - Wireless

Go beyond great movies on Blu-ray disc with one of the coolest features on your new LG Smart Blu-ray Player - LG Smart TV technology.  It delivers streaming entertainment, exclusive apps, and games directly to your TV. 

Setting up your network connection for Smart TV content

If you are already connected to a wired or wireless network, you can skip this.  There are some initial steps you'll have to take to get connected to your network.  This section should answer your questions about installation, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you encounter any issues.

Users with wireless-enabled devices can follow these step-by-step instructions to enjoy streaming online and other network-enabled features. (Some models may require an additional Wi-Fi accessory in order to connect.)

1. Select SETTINGS > NETWORK>CONNECTION SETTING option in the menu, then press WHEEL or ENTER.

Connection Setting

2. Read the preparations for the network settings and then press WHEEL or ENTER when START is highlighted.

Start Network

3. All available networks will be displayed on the screen. Use UP or DOWN keys to select a desired SSID (network name) and press WHEEL or ENTER.  If you have security on your access point, you need to input the security code.

Select Network

4. Use UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LEFT keys to select the IP mode between DYNAMIC and STATIC. Select DYNAMIC to allocate an IP address automatically.

Set Criteria

5. Select NEXT and press WHEEL or ENTER to apply network settings.  Network connection status is displayed on the screen.


6. Select OK and press WHEEL or ENTER to complete the network connection.
(Your network details will be shown here)


Wireless Connection

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