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[Washing Machine] Leakage Waveforce

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  • Last Updated 02/06/2014


Water Leakage / splashing During the Waveforce wash action



 Some machines have the cascade wash motion which allows water to recirculate from the top while doing a slow spin. 
This is a normal wash action which helps force soil from the garments. if the load is excessive or there is too much soap

in the wash, the water can spray off the clothes and onto the top tub cover which then trickles out into the base and onto the floor

over time.

How to Resolve
This is not a defect of the product, but a result of improper use. 


  • Check the water level and ensure it is appropriate for the load and cycle.
  • Do not over load the machine with clothes as this is a primary cause.
  • Do not over dose the machine with detergent so that excessive suds are visible.
  • If using cold water, try using a front loader machine detergent and predisolve it in a container in hot water  and add to the tub as it fills. This will undoubtedly also improve the washing effectiveness. Excessive suds does not mean better cleaning.
  • Make sure that the machine is level.





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