ULTRA Clarity, ULTRA Reality

65" (164cm) 4K Ultra HD Smart 3D LED LCD TV


SIZE55" (139cm)   65" (164cm)
  • 3840 x 2160 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • NANO Full LED Backlit
  • Dynamic MCI 1000 (200Hz Refresh Rate)
  • Twin HD Tuner
  • Cinema 3D
  • Dual Play
LG 65LA9700 - ULTRA Clarity, ULTRA Reality, 4KUltra HD Television | LG Australia
LG 65LA9700 - ULTRA Clarity, ULTRA Reality, 4KUltra HD Television | LG Australia
LG 65LA9700 - ULTRA Clarity, ULTRA Reality, 4KUltra HD Television | LG Australia
LG 65LA9700 - ULTRA Clarity, ULTRA Reality, 4KUltra HD Television | LG Australia
LG 65LA9700 - ULTRA Clarity, ULTRA Reality, 4KUltra HD Television | LG Australia

4K Ultra HD TVC

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A quantum leap in display technology

A breathtaking viewing experience with incredibly crisp vision, even when viewed from close distances. With over 8 million pixels and four times the definition of Full HD TV panels, you really notice the difference with 4K Ultra High Definition television.

TV programming not available in 4K ULTRA HD in Australia. LG 4K ULTRA HD TVs require 4K ULTRA HD content and additional 4K ULTRA HD enabled devices (sold separately) for full resolution effect.

LG's most advanced LED backlight technology - NANO Full LED

NANO Full LED delivers the best in even image brightness and superior dynamic contrast of all LG LED/LCD TVs. Individually driven backlight zones enhance the dynamic contrast across the screen using local dimming technology.

Speaker slides away when when the TV is turned off

Enjoy rich sound with 50W audio bursting from 4 front facing speakers and a rear Woofer, delivering incredible clarity and bass response. When the TV is powered ON, the motorised Sound Bar slides down and then slides away when the TV is powered OFF.

Playback 4K HEVC ULTRA HD video

LG's 4K ULTRA HDTV can playback the latest 4K HEVC videos by simply connecting a portable hard-drive to the USB port.

Software update required before activation.

Smart Homeicon

LGs Smart Home is customisable, making your Smart TV entertainment personal.

Overseas model shown. Contents and services subject to change without notice.

4K ULTRA HD 8.3 Megapixels

LG 4K Ultra HD invites you into a new level of definition with 8.3 Megapixels, providing you outstanding detailed and crisp pictures. It contains four times the pixels of Full HD.

Tru-ULTRA HD Engine

LG's 4K Ultra HD Engine upscales and enhances the detail of non-Ultra HD content in four stages to enhance the image clarity even closer to 4K ULTRA HD quality.

Excellent picture at wide viewing angles

LG IPS panels allow you to enjoy lifelike picture quality with minimal variation from wide viewing angles. Featuring superior consistency and less change in colour at wide viewing angles, LG IPS panels boast excellent image reproduction.

Magic Remote Voiceicon

A remote so smart, it’s incredibly simple.


Just point and click.


Scroll up and down, zoom in and out and scroll through channels.


Speak, instead of typing.


Draw to change channels and access your favourites menu.

Voice recognition feature is not available in all languages and dialects. Actual performance may vary depending on the language spoken and surrounding environment including ambient noise.

Time Machine IIicon

Record Live TV to your LG Smart TV.

Recording: Record TV to a connected USB hard drive or built in memory.*
Watch and Record: Record a TV show while you watch another channel with the built-in twin tuner.*
Scheduled Recording: Schedule a recording so you won’t miss your favourite shows.
Live Playback: Play, Pause and Rewind live TV.**

*USB hard drive (min.40GB) sold separately and required for longer recordings.
**External USB hard drive (min. 40GB) required and sold separately.

Dual Playicon

Turn any current two player split screen gaming, into two player full screen gaming with LGs Dual Play. Both players in full screen, by filtering out your opponent through special Dual Play glasses. This feature will work with any of the current console games, which are 2 player split screen enabled. Start your game in 2 player split screen mode, press turn on the Dual Play function and your TV instantly turns your half screen into full screen, whilst filtering out your opponent.

Dual Play glasses required to be purchased separately for certain models.

Wi-Fi Built-inicon

Wi-Fi Built-In TVs have an on-board Wi-Fi chip allowing easy connection to your home Wi-Fi network without any additional hardware.

2nd Displayicon

Enjoy TV programs directly on your Smartphone or Tablet, so you can enjoy TV viewing anywhere in your home.

Device must be in range, on the same Wi-Fi network as the TV.

MHL (Mobile HD Link)icon

Connect your Android phone or tablet directly to your TV via a dedicated MHL link to share your media files on the big screen, whilst charging your device.

MHL enabled Android 4.0 Smartphone or Tablet and MHL cable required (sold separately).

Network File Browsericon

Browse media files from devices connected to your home network (LAN or Wi-Fi) including PCs, Smartphones, Hard Drives and more to watch them on your TV.


Send your Smartphone or Tablet directly to the big screen wirelessly, enabling easy sharing of your mobile device in your living room TV.

Miracast enabled Smartphone or Tablet PC required.

Intel's WiDiicon

Connect your PC directly to your TV in Full HD and 5.1 sound, via the inbuilt Intel WiDi chip. No Wi-Fi network required, just your TV and Intel WiDi compatible PC.

Web Browsericon

Use the inbuilt web browser which is optimised to view content on your TV. Use the Magic Remote for one of the most simple browsing experiences available on a Smart TV. For those who prefer, a USB keyboard and mouse can also be connected to enhance your browsing experience.

Keyboard and mouse must be purchased separately.
With Flash Player version 11.1

Premium Contenticon

The premium content card provides the very best content available on the LG Smart TV, customised for the Australian market in one easy to find location.

A Comfortable 3D Viewing Experienceicon

Bright 3D pictures made possible by our Cinema 3D technology. You can enjoy 3D TV in your home the way 3D was meant to be, just like at the movies.

The LG Cinema 3D TV.

Comfortable 3D Glassesicon

LG's lightweight, battery-free glasses offer you convenience and you don't ever have to recharge or replace batteries. LG's Cinema 3D glasses are also affordable, meaning you can share the 3D experience with family and friends without having to break the bank.

Wide Viewing Angleicon

LG Cinema 3D delivers a wide viewing angle, allowing bigger audiences and viewing positions.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice. Screen images simulated and/or dramatised. Some features in videos may not be available on all models. Please refer to the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tab for a complete list of features by model.

TV programming not available in 4K Ultra HD in Australia. LG 4K Ultra HD TVs require 4K Ultra HD content and additional 4K Ultra HD enabled devices (sold separately) for full resolution effect.

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