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2000W Motorised Dust Compression Technology Bagless Vacuum

Dust Compression Technology


  • 10 Year Blade Motor Warranty
  • Dust Compression Technology
  • High Grade Washable HEPA Filter
  • BAF Approval



10 year parts warranty on blade motor

2 years parts and labour + 8 years on blade motor (parts only)

Hygienic Dust Control

LG KOMPRESSOR™ features the motorised dust compression technology which reduces the dust particles escaping back into the atmosphere by compressing dust is more hygienic and easier to dispose of - this means you and your family can breathe** easier, and help keep allergens in the home to a minimum. **Dust will solidify as depicted with dust particles only, some synthetic materials and other waste may not compress as shown.

Takes More Dust in, but Less Emptying

The rotating paddle, which continuously rotates from side to side, compacts the dust allowing you to clean and helps you store more household dust.

High Grade Washable HEPA Filter

The final step of filtration, HEPA 13 filters retain 99.97% of dust particles. Moreover, the HEPA filter applied to LG Kompressor™ is washable so it is even easier to keep it clean and working at it's best. (We recommend that filters be washed at least once every six months to ensure filter longevity.)

Handle Slide Variable Power Control

LG Kompressor™ offers handle slide power control which enables the users to change the desired suction power with ease.

24m Cleaning Reach

Longer power cord provides a larger cleaning reach and therubber wheels help improve mobility.

BAF Approval

The LG Allergy Care series is approved by the British Allergy Foundation (BAF). This means that the Vacuums have been tested with BAF standards and have proven to specifically restrict and remove high levels of allergens from the environment. In other words, machines with BAF Approval like the LG Allergy Care range are great for Asthma and Allergy sufferers.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice. Screen images simulated and/or dramatised. Some features in videos may not be available on all models. Please refer to the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tab for a complete list of features by model.

More and more people are becoming increasingly concerned about hygiene in the home, and protecting their families from allergies, asthma and other pollutants in the home. Regular vacuuming is recognised as an integral part of a wider strategy to minimise reactions to dust mites or pet allergens. Vacuum cleaners with highly efficient filters can help prevent allergens escaping into the home from the exhaust air flow. However there is little consideration given to the amount of dust that escapes into the atmosphere you breathe whilst the bagless vacuum container is being emptied. 10 Year Blade Motor Warranty (2 years parts and labour + 8 years on blade motor parts only)

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