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Discard Plastic. Upgrade to
Stainless Steel Tank in
LG Water Purifier.

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Innovation for a Better life.

Imagine what you can do with more space. LG introduces Dual Door-in-DoorTM Refrigerator for added organization and more ways to use your space.

Innovation for a Better life.

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Presenting the stylish LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Door-in-Door

Presenting the Stylish LG Side-by-Side
Refrigerator with Door-in-DoorTM

Easy Access and up to 47.2% Less Cold Air Loss.
Style & Convenience of the Door-in-Door, gives easy access, to your favourite food without opening the
refrigerator door.


Side by Side Refrigerators

With the freezer on the left, the refrigerator on the right, the LG side-by-side refrigerators bring innovation and style to your kitchen like never before. Learn More

LG side-by-side refrigerators turn your kitchen space into a showcase, with innovative features that include:

Wonder Door-52 Litres: The revolutionary Wonder Door from LG makes a grand style statement, and makes your life easy by providing easy access to your favourite food, drinks and snacks. It not only prevents cooling loss caused by the constant closing and opening of the main doors, but also saves energy and gives you more storage space. Delight yourself with this wonder.

Health Guard™: This 4-Step Air Purifying System on certain side-by-side refrigerators preserves the freshness and nutritional value of your stored food items. It sterilises the interior and eliminates up to 99.99%* of bacteria.

Exterior LED Display.

Inverter Linear Compressor with 10 Year Warranty: At the heart of the our side-by-side refrigerators is a quiet and efficient compressor. It keeps noise to a minimum and helps the environment by using less energy. And it comes with a 10 year warranty.

Express Freezing: Start the Express Freezer with a mere touch of a button. This intelligent section knows exactly when to stop. Just feed in the time and it will turn off automatically when the fixed time.

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