Stylish Brushed Steel Fridge Freezer with Water Dispenser

A++ Energy Rated Fridge Freezer in Brushed Steel with Water Dispenser and LG's Linear Compressor.


  • Linear Compressor
  • Total no Frost cooling system
  • Water Dispenser
  • 10 Year Warranty on the Linear Compressor


Linear Compressor

LG’s Linear Compressor is a quiet and efficient compressor. It’s unique direct transmission mechanism minimises mechanical loss thus saving energy, increasing durability and making less noise.

10 Year Warranty

LG is so confident of the durability & reliability of it's technology, it includes a free 10 year warranty on it's Linear Compressor.

Total No Frost

Even cooling

LG's Multi Air Flow system evenly spreads cool into every corner of the fridge.

Faster cooling

Cools down the temperature faster when putting warm food in the fridge.

Clean Interior

Keep your refrigerator hygienic.

Longer Freshness

Consistently fast and even cooling system provides fresher food for your healthy daily life.

Constant Energy Saving

Keep your electricity costs lower and our environment greener.

Moist Balance™ Crisper

Our vegetable compartment has special technology that maintains the correct moisture balance and the optimum temperature for fresh and organic vegetables - maintaining their 'from the field' freshness for longer.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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