All-in-One 3D Ready Projector

3D Ready DLP projector with a 3D optimiser to support four types of 3D


  • 3D Optimiser
  • Various Input & Output Terminal
  • HD Divx Function
  • Office File Viewer

3D Optimiser

LG Projector's 3D Optimiser makes 3D compatibility with various 3D play devices including HDMI.

No Colour Decay Cost Saving

No colour Decay: Reliable Picture Quality

LG Projectors that use DLP technology are virtually immune to colour decay – they yellow/green tint that some projector develop over extended periods of usage.
Because DLP® projectors enjoy a technological advantage in protecting against colour decay,
They offer an extended lifespan – lasting year after year.

Filter-Free Design:

Easy to Maintain, Easy on Your Budget
LG DLP® projectors use a filter free design to eliminate the need for filter cleaning and filter replacement, which not only reduces labour for support staff, but also saves money for companies or schools.

XGA Native Resolution

The BX327 offers native 1024x768 XGA resolution, 3200 ANSI lumens and a 2300:1 contrast ratio. (max resolution:UXGA)

Brilliant Colour

LG Projectors with BrilliantColor™ deliver unsurpassed colour range, depth, and vibrancy far beyond the conventional colour space to capture hard-to-produce vivid yellows, cyan, and magenta. BrilliantColor™ and LG breathe life into every image!

HD Divx Function

You can watch a movie by simply connecting USB memory or External HDD to the LG Projector. You won't need a laptop, computer or DVD player to watch a movie.

Various input Terminal

This LG Projector offers a wide range of connectivity.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

The BX327 is an all-in-one 3D Ready DLP projector with a 3D optimiser to support four types of 3D. The projector also supports 3D DivX, and File Viewer software is included, allowing presentations without the need for a laptop.

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