• LG Academy, Part of LG Egypt, in cooperation with Emdad Engineering Solutions, announced the launch of an initiative to support and train engineering students from Egyptian universities by providing comprehensive training on commercial air conditioning systems, including the Multi V VRF system, air handling units , and Single units like concealed air conditioners.

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  • As a key air solution providers in Egypt and global wise, LG Egypt is interested not only in providing integrated air solutions, but also aims to develop the HVAC market in Egypt by enhancing and developing skills and competencies in this industry and enhancing after-sales services.

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  • This year, LG Academy, in cooperation with Emdad Engineering Solutions, announced the launch of a special initiative to support and train engineering students and those interested in the fields of commercial air conditioning by providing comprehensive training on different commercial air conditioning systems.

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  • In 2019, out of LG vision to develop the HVAC labor market in Egypt, LG Egypt established a specialized Air Solutions Academy with the aim of enhancing and improving the skills of HVAC engineers, architects, technicians and consultants by providing in-depth practical training that includes all commercial air solutions, Technical support methods and after-sales services. Since establishment, LG Academy provides workshops and training programs on various products and services, and has ensured providing detailed curricula and on-hands practical training that provides the necessary expertise to deal in this sector by enhancing academy with a practice room in which all attendants could see and practice by hand the latest technologies in air solutions.

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  • Ahmed Yehia, LG Academy Manager, said: “We promise to provide exceptional opportunities for all attending students and air conditioning engineers, through practical training in the field of air solutions, installation, and after-sales service.”

    Practical workshops are an important aspect of enhancing skills in this field, so a fully functional Practice Room has been set up, where individuals engage in actual work (related to installation and troubleshooting), under the supervision and guidance of Academy instructors.

    “LG Air Solution Academy integrates daily hands-on practice with LG's advanced, eco-friendly air solutions to help students and engineers thrive in a rapidly changing work environment,” added Billy Kim, General Manager, LG Egypt.

    Al-Saeed Abu El-Maaty, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development at Emdad, added: “This initiative stemmed from our great belief in the role of institutions and companies in supporting the engineering education process for Egyptian university students and contributing to presenting qualified generations to the labor market who are aware of the latest technologies in the engineering fields from Major international companies such as.

    If you are interested in attending the workshops at the LG Academy, please register your details in the following link: https://b2bmkt.lge.com/LGAcademyEgypt