THERMA V R32 Hydrosplit

The new THERMA V R32 Hydrosplit is a safe heating solution for your home. It is connected just with a water pipe, so you don’t have to worry about the risk of refrigerant flowing into the living space. Without the need for a refrigerant pipe, installation becomes much easier and saves a lot of space.
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  • Revolutionary R1 Compressor1

    Revolutionary R1 Compressor

    THERMA V R32 Hydrosplit is equipped with the revolutionary R1 compressor. This advanced compressor improves the tilting motion of scroll, increasing overall efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, the compressor operating range is improved to perform from 10Hz to 135Hz.

  • Sustainable Refrigerant1

    Sustainable Refrigerant

    THERMA V R32 Hydrosplit is equipped with an environmentally friendly refrigerant which has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 675. It provides powerful and highly efficient heating. Also, in compliance with the European regulatory requirements, it can bring more business opportunities.

*It reaches the energy label ErP A +++ for space heating 35°C LWT and ErP A ++ for space heating 55°C LWT.
*Separate mixing valve kit required.
**Temperature in this image is an example. Target temperature changes according to user’s preferred setting.
*Required Accessory for Energy Monitoring : PENKTH000 (Meter Interface Module) and Watt Meter, Temp. sensor, etc. Refer to the installation manual.
*The temperature setting in this image is only an example. The target temperature changes according to user's preferred setting.
*Required Accessories : Google home speaker, PWFMDD200(LG Wi-Fi Modem) and PWYREW000.
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***Google home voice is supported in United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Ireland and Portugal. ThinQ functions may vary depending on the country.
*PV module and ESS for separate purchase/order.