LG MULTI V Water IV is a water source cooling system for a highly efficient, economical operation. This compact and lightweight outdoor unit allows flexible installation.
  • Extended Compressor Speed1

    Extended Compressor Speed

    Rapid operation response increases part load efficiency.

  • Smart Oil Management1

    Smart Oil Management

    Oil recovery occurs only when required and this enhances compressor reliability and user comfort.

  • HiPOR™1


    Energy loss is eliminated by returning oil directly to compressor for increased efficiency.

  • Compact Size1

    Compact Size

    The optimal design of the compact, lightweight outdoor unit enables double stacking, which results in 50% savings in installation space.

  • Light Weight1

    Light Weight

    Easier to transport and install thanks to 13% reduction in unit size and 15% reduction in overall weight.

  • Variable Water Flow Control (Optional)

    LG applied variable water flow control system for water-cooled VRF system to optimize water flow control regarding partial cooling or heating load conditions. This enabled decrease in circulation pump energy consumption.

    Variable Water Flow Control (Optional)1 Variable Water Flow Control (Optional)2

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