• In 2020, Galala University was constructed in Egypt on a sprawling 17,000-acre campus. This immense project included the construction of 28 buildings with laboratories, auditoriums, computer labs, classrooms, and over 1,020 residential rooms in addition to a teaching hospital and conference hall.

Galala University in Egypt Galala University in Egypt
  • When it came down to selecting an HVAC system for this project, reducing energy consumption was a top priority for Galala University project administrators. Lower energy consumption would help reduce operation costs and allow the project to stay in line with Egypt’s 2030 Vision initiative for sustainability and energy conservation. In addition, the diverse spaces on the Galala University campus presented many challenges for system design and climate control.

    LG was approached for this project and the LG team provided its Multi V 5 VRF systems with AHUs to deliver energy savings and comfort while overcoming the other challenges as well. From consultation to installation and even after-sales service, LG worked closely with project administrators and installers to ensure successful and effective system installation and operation.

Multi V 5 on the rooftop of the building Multi V 5 on the rooftop of the building
  • Energy-savings with Limited Water and Electricity Resources

    The Galala University project was an extensive endeavor that presented many design challenges. Located 700 meters above sea level, the sprawling campus offers inspiration to students. However, its remote location also means that water and electricity supplies are limited.

    In order to resolve this issue, LG proposed its Multi V 5 VRF solution instead of a chiller system. While chiller systems can reduce energy consumption for facilities with large spaces, they require large volumes of water to operate.

    LG solutions were able to reduce energy consumption for the university and reduce heating and cooling costs for Galala University, according to the Director of General Management of Engineering Affairs in Egypt.

    Additionally, the campus's proximity to the ocean means that equipment installed on campus is susceptible to seawater corrosion and other elements. The LG Multi V heat exchanger is implemented with corrosion-resistant Black Fin technology that improves product durability and can increase product lifespan. The Black Fin coating was specifically designed to protect against the effects of harsh or typically humid and corrosive environments.

    It was also important to limit sound emissions at the university and the hospital. The Multi V 5 units were able to resolve this issue with low-rated sound levels that provide quieter and more peaceful environments for students and patients.

  • Diverse Solutions for Diverse Spaces

    The extensive campus at Galala University required solutions to meet the diverse needs of each space. For large, open spaces such as auditoriums, LG implemented over 600 Multi V 5 outdoor units combined with chillers.

    LG implemented the Multi V 5 solution with its AHUs to effectively manage heating and cooling for large spaces like auditoriums with a capacity of up to 80 tons. Also, LG’s proprietary inverter compressor technology can ramp operation up or down, allowing for higher energy efficiency and meeting target temperatures faster in large spaces. 175 Multi V F multi-split units were installed to service the dormitories and residential units, which were able to overcome the lack of space for the installation of outdoor units.

A lecture room in a building and Lobby A lecture room in a building and Lobby
  • The operating rooms in the hospital on campus had a specific requirement for chilled water solutions, one of the needs that the consultant highlighted. LG was able to satisfy this requirement by supplying 7 air-cooled chillers along with 92 VRF outdoor units. Overall, over 3,000 diverse indoor units were also delivered to match the needs of the individual spaces.

H-A-HVACBlog-Case-Study-Education_VRF-Chiller_Egypt-2022_D06 H-A-HVACBlog-Case-Study-Education_VRF-Chiller_Egypt-2022_M06
  • System Integration and Control

    Implementing an integrated HVAC system for such a large-scale project isn’t easy, but LG was up for the challenge and provided an extensive system with comprehensive control systems.

    For integrated system management, LG provided hard-wired remote controls that allow users to manage up to 16 indoor units for a single controller. ACP controllers make it possible to control up to 256 indoor units and the AC Smart Manager centralized control system allows for the management of up to 8,192 indoor units in the hospital as well as the full range of VRF units and chillers across the campus. LG control systems were integrated with the university BMS to make central control even more convenient.

ACP Controller and Remote control system ACP Controller and Remote control system
  • LG Support from Start to Finish

    Building close-knit and long-term relationships with local installers is a key aspect of LG’s business model to the secure confidence of its customers and partners. During the installation phase of the project, LG provided comprehensive support with weekly project status reports and quality assurance to ensure each requirement was met.

    In addition, to support throughout system installation, LG provides after-sales service directly after project completion. LG engineers visited Galala University periodically once the system was installed to be sure all system components were installed properly and the overall system was operating efficiently.

    LG was able to gain the trust of project administrators based on its long history of successful large-scale HVAC system implementation. Billy Kim, General Manager of LG Egypt, commented about the success of this project saying, ‘With our long expertise in such world-class projects, LG’s Business Solutions successfully met the large-scale construction pace of Galala University making us the partner of choice for all project phases.’ The Galala University project was also completed successfully across all 28 buildings on campus and helped the university meet its goals of effective climate control with efficient energy savings.

    LG is proud of its work on this project and looks forward to a continued relationship with the customer and project partners. Hossam El-Din Mansour, LG Commercial AC Executive Director, expressed LG’s commitment to ‘extending our support to all country sectors by providing latest Korean technologies and solutions that help in saving energy and protecting the environment.’

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