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Discover how LG Electronics Vehicle component Solutions Company’s innovative solutions are becoming game changers in the mobility industry.

See the future, today

LG VS Company showcases the latest technology and connectivity solutions that drive the world towards a better future of mobility. Our cockpit emphasizes future vehicle displays, incorporating rollable screens and 5G applications. Check out the video that inspire you how LG is driving better future mobility.

Enjoy the drive3

Enjoy the drive

High resolution P-OLED touch display in both driver and passengers’ seat makes the journey entertaining for everyone watching multimedia contents or broadcast.
Always connected3
1) V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle)

Always connected

Video from front-facing camera of other vehicles can be viewed through the V2V1) communication. Automotive displays keep you updated with real-time traffic situations or let you attend video conferences.
Seamless interaction3

Seamless interaction

Haptic solution provides precise touch feedback when operating the display. It’s also capable of tracking behavior, detecting objects and providing AI service.
Incredible rollable display3

Incredible rollable display

The rear view P-OLED e-mirror in a rollable form, maximizes openness. Imagine what’s to come for transformable designs with LG’s consumer electronics technology.

Technical highlights

  • Cluster & CID1

    Cluster & CID

    • Two 12.3-inch displays combined under one cover glass to display the digital cluster and CID1)
    • High-resolution driving information

  • Front center console display1

    Front center console display

    • 13.3-inch LCD display to control the CID
    • Haptic solution provides precise touch feedback when operating the display
    • Access to select specific content for RSE2) display such as OTT3) or broadcasting.

  • Inside rear view display1

    Inside rear view display

    • A rollable display with a 12.8-inch Flexible P-OLED
    • Transformable design that maximizes the sense of openness in the front of the interior

  • Interior Monitoring System1

    Interior Monitoring System

    • Body motion camera and sensor processes physical information which enable to gesture and behavior recognition via LG's algorithm.
    • Alert messaging when the driver is holding on to something dangerous such as a smartphone or beverages while driving.

  • V2X1


    • With V2X4), video from the front-facing camera of other vehicles can be viewed through the V2V5) communication function.
    • Real-time check driving environment

  • RSE1


    • High resolution 12.3-inch P-OLED display
    • OTT & broadcasting with ATSC6) 3.0
    • Contents sharing from the front to the RSE2)
    • Real-time telecommuting and remote meetings

1) CID (Center Information Display)
2) RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment)
3) OTT (Over The Top)
4) V2X (Vehicle to everything)
5) V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle)
6) ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee)

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