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LG Exceeds Expectations with Innovative Products

With a long history of achievements, LG is determined to maintain its momentum. We constantly bolster our professionalism and take steps toward becoming a leading global company. LG Electronics aims at improving customers' life and business with leading products and world-class technology.
  • LG Electronics has been leading the market in the B2C sector as one of the global top players, boasting the world's best technologies and products. However, the business environment is rapidly changing and we can't be complacent as the B2C market leader. Thus, we've developed a lot of B2B projects in the fields of energy, air solution, ID, vehicle components, water treatment, equipment, etc. We've also been developing advanced technologies in such areas as SW, loT and Al, which have produced outstanding achievements. By connecting these devices through SW and HW, we need to produce the solutions that realize the values our customers want and provide total solutions that encompass installation, maintenance and operation of such solutions. We've created and developed a rich portfolio in various business areas, including technologies and a global business network, more than any other players in the world. Especially for us in the B2B area, we put forth all of our efforts to develop our strengths to suit our customers' needs so we can provide solutions that they want. Our B2B business pursues "Eco-friendly Smart World through Smart Life and Smart Energy." To accomplish our goals, I promise to take the lead and exert my utmost efforts. Your continued interest and cooperation in that regard will be highly appreciated.

    “Ho Geon”

    President, LG B2B Office

Expanding to Serve Enterprise Customers

LG has a solid presence in B2C fields, such as home appliance, home entertainment, and mobile communications. To support future growth in the B2B market, we keep developing our B2B portfolio. We also prepare for changes in industry and customer needs.
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Home Entertainment Information Display
Home Appliance & Air Solution System Air Conditioning
Energy Business Center Solar
Home Entertainment Monitor
Home Appliance & Air Solution Commercial Laundry
Energy Business Center Lighting
Home Entertainment
Home Appliance & Air Solution Styler
Energy Business Center ESS(Energy Storage System)
Home Entertainment
Home Appliance & Air Solution Compressor & Motor
Energy Business Center EMS(Energy Management Solution)
Home Entertainment
Home Appliance & Air Solution Membrane
Energy Business Center