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ROBOKING SQUARE. Quietly and efficiently at work

Quietly and efficiently at work

With its square shape design, longer brushes and LG's unique Dual Eye 2.0 system, ROBOKING SQUARE gets even closer to corners and makes your cleaning more convenient.

Discover Roboking Square
Discover LG Vacuums

Discover LG Vacuums

Explore the innovative design of LG Vacuums, and find the one that’s right for your home.

Discover LG Vacuums

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

LG’s bagless vacuum cleaners offer exceptional suction and power. Designed to be used on hard floors, carpets and even furniture, our bagless vacuum cleaners make tidying up easier than ever. Learn More

LG’s bagless vacuum cleaners are available in two varieties, each with their own unique functions. Features for each type of vacuum may include:

Canister Models. Perfect for hard-to-reach spaces, this type of bagless vacuum cleaner often comes with a telescoping handle that allows for easy access to corners and under the furniture. In addition, these models frequently include washable HEPA filters, easy-to-empty dust canisters, a wide range of accessories – for crevices, pet hair and more – as well as longer power cords for easier reach.

Robotic Models. Designed for easy cleaning, these bagless vacuum cleaners use the latest technology to clean your floors for you, while you focus on more important things. They typically feature a docking-style charger with an auto charging function, two-way cameras, which enable faster, smarter cleaning, multiple cleaning modes, and one-touch canister covers that allow for fast and easy emptying.

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