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Perfect blend of stylish design and reliable technology

Perfect blend of stylish design
and reliable technology

Experience LG's Condensing Dryer with dual sensors to improve drying performance.

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Speed up your drying time

Speed up your drying time

The LG heat pump hybrid dryer features an additional element to help speed up the drying process. Using Speed Mode reduces drying time by a third compared to Eco Mode.

Energy efficient drying solution

Energy efficient drying solution

This LG TD-C801H Heat Pump Dryer uses a refrigeration system to dry and recycle the same air so it consumes a fraction of the energy used by conventional dryers through the recycling and reclaiming heat process.

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Clothes Dryer

Handle all of your laundry with care when you choose a clothes dryer from LG. With a superior selection of drying programmes and precise temperature controls, even your most delicate fabrics are in good hands with LG dryers. Learn More

Choose a clothes dryer from LG and enjoy features like:

LG Sensor Dry. Multiple sensors on your LG dryer evaluate when to stop drying, based on how much moisture is present.

Efficient Tumbling Control. LG dryers tumble in both directions to dry more efficiently

Temperature Selector. Manually overrides pre-set cleaning programmes.

Water Tank Sterilisation: An anti-bacterial coating on LG clothes dryers prevents contamination.

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