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LG Tab-Book

On the go?
It's all possible with LG Tab-Book.

Discover H160 Tab-Book
LG Z360 Ultrabook

LG Ultrabook

On the go?
It's all possible with LG Ultrabook.

Discover Z360 Ultrabook
LG recommends Windows.


With a sleek and powerful LG Laptop, you can work and play virtually anywhere. Explore our complete Laptop collection and discover the latest innovations in mobile computing. Learn More

Ultra light and slim: LG’s laptop category has ultra light and slim designs. The Z360 Ultrabook weighs only 1.15kg and is 13.6mm ultra slim. The H160 Tab-Book has a weight of only 1.05kg, including the integrated keyboard.

High quality displays: LG’s Ultrabook and Tab-Book use LG’s IPS technology allowing a crisp picture quality in any environment. Enjoy deep blacks and life-like colours.

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