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2000W Motorised Dust Compression Technology Bagless Vacuum

Kompressor Plus Bagless Vacuum


  • Pick up More, Empty Less
  • Kompressor™
  • Long Lasting Suction Power
  • Easy Emptying


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The LG Kompressor features motorised dust compression technology. This technology compacts the dust, which helps to provide extra capacity. This means that you can clean for longer, without having to empty the dust bin.

1. Kompressor Cyclone System
The cyclone system directs the dust into the dustbin while maintaining strong suction power.
2. Dust Compression System
Dust is compressed into compact wedges, helping to provide extra capacity.
3. Pre-Motor Dust Filtration
The motor filter helps to protect the motor from the dust particles.
4. Hepa Exhaust Filter
This filter helps to trap fine particles which can cause irritation.

Long Lasting Suction Power

Long Lasting Suction Power

The cyclone system efficiently separates dust from the clean air, enabling longer lasting suction power.

Easy and Hygienic Emptying

Easy and Hygienic Emptying

Dust and debris is compressed by the motorised dust compression technology which gives you up to 3 times more capacity. Emptying the dustbin is made easier and more hygenic, because there is less contact with dirt and dust.

Dust Compression Technology

Dust is captured into a motorised compression canister designed to make waste disposal more convenient and compress the waste it collects, allowing minimal user contact with dirt and dust.

2-in-1 Tool

LG's 2-in-1 tool actually fits between the handle and the extension wand. This means it is always handy, and not lost in the back of the cupboard.

9m Cord - up to 24m reach

With the extra long cord, you can clean up to 24m without unplugging. This takes some of the stress out of vacuuming your house. Choose a central location, and vacuum up to 12m in both directions of the power socket.

10 year parts warranty on blade motor

No need to be worried about the Kompressor Blade motor getting damaged over time, it is covered with a 10 Year Warranty (parts only).

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Household dust is bad for you. It can put your family at risk from allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases. This is the reason why LG developed the world’s first motorised dust compression technology. While other bagless vacuum cleaners can let harmful dust escape back into your home when emptying the bin, LG Kompressor™ compresses the dust. So when you empty your vacuum cleaner reduced dust is expelled back into the air.

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