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Consistent response time for reduced eye strain & original image exact color matching

IPS panel has an extremely low standard of deviation for response time. This allows for the smooth viewing of action scenes, sports with greater clarity and vivid quality. Now, your eyes can enjoy added comfort in viewing. Also, start seeing images true to their authentic beauty, as IPS panel displays the color tone of the original image, along with a consistent color temperature.

Watchable Image Virtually At Any Angel

Super In Plane Switching or Super IPS is the feature of LG LCD Display. This unique technique has the better control of liquid crystal and in consequence, it allows you to watch the screen virtually at any angle.

No Blackening Defect

Even under direct sunlight exposure, LG commercial monitors that adopted LGD V5 panel remain free of blackening defects and provides superior quality for outdoor usage. This means you can save on costs related to purchasing IR blockers or extra cooling systems, in addition to saving power. What's more, you can save on space since no glass covers are needed for the monitors.

Minimized Image Distortion Upon External Pressure

IPS panel is not susceptible to image distortion upon external pressure.
It is because the liquid crystal formation of IPS panel is less deformed than VA panel.

The potrait display mode is the area of the PD module.
The pressure exerted by the liquid crystal is generally proportional to the distance from the top of the screen. Therefore the maximum pressure is exerted at the bottom of screen while the minimum pressure is exerted at the top of the screen. However, the PD module has relatively uniform pressure distribution comparing to TV panel, which in consequence has a far better stability.

Image Retention Free

LG Commercial MNT adopts the public display module whose reliability is far better than that of a normal TV module. The public display is known for high resistance to image retention and the gravity-related defect. Therefore, the public display module is a perfect fit for severe operation conditions.

24/7 Operation Performance

Another strength of the LG PD module is that it can operate 24 hours a day.
It can fulfill its function as a digital signage, smashes the limits of place and time and is highly durable and provides continuous performance.

Low Power Consumption

By using LGE's start of art technology, the smart energy saving, WS10 guarantees lowest energy consumption compared the other conventional LED backlight display. Also WS series meet all the environmental Regulation, ERP, Energy Star, no use of harmful materials, and is reduced CO2.

Smart Energy Saving

Reduction energy consumption by approximately 30%

Auto Brightness Sensor

Screen brightness is automatically adjusted by its surrounding illumination level.

LG Media-Player Integrated Solution

  • No need for additional media players such as PC or DVD
  • No extra costs for media player

Professional Usage Optimized Interface

LG Monitor signage lets the user control monitors which are installed in remote areas through Ethernet. So you can check the status of monitors and change the input and volume and even update the firmware from server.

Enhanced Scheduler

The upgraded scheduler lets the user set the 'On' and 'Off' time from Monday through Sunday. So you can flexibly manage the operation time of the LG commercial monitors.

Image Sticking Minimization (ISM)

ISM is designed to alleviate the image retention to minimum level. 4 ISM options are available to optimally minisize the 'image retention'

USB Playback

USB Playback is simple, easy solution without additional cost.

  • Screen with USB Playback function : Content - music, movie, photo, text
  • Easy to schedule content in USB memory : eZ-net Manager
  • Playback Contents : Movie - Mpeg2, Mpeg4(Divx 3,4,5,6), XVID(AVI, Divx, m4v, dat, vob, mpeg, mpg)
                                 Music - MP3
                                 Text - English
                                 Photo - JPEG (Max 15360 x 8460)
  • Easy to use no need to learn, just plug-in USB
  • Auto playback the content in USB memory
  • No additional cost to signage